This Couple’s Breathtaking Engagement Photos Will Literally Send Chills Down Your Spine

Published 6 years ago

While most of us are complaining about the cold outside, for some chilly weather is actually a blessing. For Josh Morris and Morgan Daye, a couple from Tennessee, who decided to take their engagement photos in front of Bald River Falls, the cold turned out to be the godsend gift that turned their photoshoot into a magical looking winter fairytale.

“We didn’t’ expect it to be frozen over,” said the photographer and friend of the couple Kellie Elmore, who gifted them this photoshoot as a wedding present. The couple told People that they were also in awe with how crazy it looked, so much so that they didn’t really mind standing in the freezing cold with fancy-looking, yet barely appropriate for the weather clothes. That is, at least they were trying to ignore the cold. “I was freaking out a little on the inside, but we kept it cool for the camera,” claimed the bride-to-be. And it was totally worth it – the pictures turned out beautifully.

This engagement photo shoot is actually the polar opposite weather-wise of the day that Morris proposed. “We were at the beach. He took me out by the water. He couldn’t have planned it more perfect himself. The sun was going down. The waves were perfect. There were two dolphins in front of us,” Daye recalled. Seems like nature is always in perfect alignment for these two lovebirds! The only question now is how can they top these winter wonderland pictures with their wedding reception? We’ll need to wait until May to find out.

So, while we’re all still waiting, check out the stunning engagement pictures below.

(h/t cosmopolitan)

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The engagement photos of Josh Morris and Morgan Daye look like they’ve been taken in a magical winter wonderland

The couple did their photoshoot in front of frozen Bald River Falls in Tennessee

“We didn’t’ expect it to be frozen over,” claims the photographer Kellie Elmore, who took the beautiful pictures

The couple was so in awe with how crazy it looked, they didn’t mind taking photos in this icy weather

“I was freaking out a little on the inside, but we kept it cool for the camera,” said the bride-to-be

Even though Morris proposed to his future wife on a beach and this icy fairytale is nothing like the day they got engaged, the lovebirds are over the moon with how it turned out

The couple have planned to wed in May this year


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