35 Of The Funniest Christmas Gifts People Received

Published 4 months ago

‘Tis the season of giving, and along with the joyous spirit of Christmas comes the tradition of exchanging gifts. While many of us meticulously select presents that reflect thoughtfulness and consideration, there are those occasions when hilarity takes center stage.

All over social media, many individuals from around the world share the uproarious and unforgettable gifts that bring laughter to their holiday celebrations. Check out some of the most hilarious ones in the gallery below.

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#1 This Grandpa Gave All 11 Of His Grandkids The Best Gifts

Image source: terryyates69

sbj : “This Grandpa looks like a lovely man”

V Martinez : “Best grandpa ever! Lol!”

Amelia Martin : “I saw the original tiktok. He got them all crocs then gave them the jibbitz with his face in them. They all loved the gift!”

#2 My Wife Loves Movies, But Dislikes Unnecessary Sexual Scenes. This Is A Gift She Got From Some Work Friends

Image source: andymannoh

K : “I will die on this hill with her! Any unnecessary romance drives me crazy. It’s an action movie, no I do not now care if s/he dies because they made out.”

#3 “Shirtception” – My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 9

Image source: GeorgieWashington

Marcos Valencia : “Now, I’m thinking that I have the same sunglases from 2013.”

The Silly Stellar Jay : “Seriously a cool representation of time, masks and all. It’s artfully done and you can feel the love between siblings.”

#4 Best Christmas Gift Ever, Thanks Ma

Image source: frogman972

Mike F : “I’m feeling this one, lol”

#5 Best Christmas Gift I’ve Ever Received

Image source: rachelmc923

The Silly Stellar Jay : “ If cats could use guns we are all doomed.”

#6 My Wife Is A Teacher And Just Received This Gift From A Young Student Who Is Still Learning English

Image source: eSentrik

Marcos Valencia : “Never say no to a useful gift.”

#7 As A Joke, I Said I Wanted A Painting Of My Dog. Received This As An Early Christmas Present

Image source: Deseptikons

“Disembodied voice” : “That painting is really well done”

MontanaMariner : “Look at that distinguished gentleman/lady!”

seana lammers : “Best present ever! Now what the steak and pets for cutey?”

#8 This Clock I Won In My Family’s Evil Santa Gift Exchange

Image source: ComradeJohnS

Watermelon_gum (she/her) : “What is an evil Santa gift exchange? That sounds fun”

#9 I Wrapped My Nephew’s Gifts Like Super Mario Blocks

Image source: 0SaturatedFats

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : “I love this, but I would hate having to destroy it”

Brian Droste : “Take the wrapping paper off carefully. Then once the item in the box is removed, rewrap the empty box back up.”

#10 Showed My Daughter-In-Law A Post Here A While Back Of This Mug And This Is The Christmas Gift She Gave Me Today

Image source: biaorosco

Trey Frog : “Mothers in Law. Yes, I -am- a pedantic dork.”

#11 I Found This Year’s White Elephant Gift

Image source: Duckwarden

Marcos Valencia : “From a happy existence to the Fear of Dog.”

Mike F : “That would make a great coffee table book.”

#12 My Mom’s Christmas Present This Year, Painted By Me

Image source: chewcok

Auntriarch : “The trees look pretty happy”

#13 My Mother-In-Law’s Christmas Gift To Me

Image source: BitterFuture

sbj : “I want this”

EmiTheEpic : “Perfect if you hate your job! Sends a not so subliminal message to your boss about your opinions on the work lol”

#14 As An Early Christmas Gift, My Sister’s Boyfriend Got Her A Renaissance Portrait Of Their Dog. I Think He Chose The Perfect Picture

Image source: reddit.com

Andrew Keir : “But, how did the artist get the dog to stay still that long?”

#15 Hubby Just Received This Through The Mail. A Christmas Present From A Colleague

Image source: Im_a_knitiot

Stevie S : “Should have been Reece Wooderspoon”

#16 My Sister Used Her Old-School Notes To Wrap Her Gifts This Year

Image source: lyssyl

Mimi La Souris : “clever and colorful :)”

#17 As A Dad, I Have Ascended. Best Christmas Gift Ever

Image source: Ocmrm

Jaguarundi : “I dream of getting one of these!. I’m not a dad, but I live in hurricane country, I use a LOT of batteries! (The rechargeable batteries can’t be recharged if the power is out for 2 weeks).”

#18 I Used Wrapping Paper To Make A Bike For My Girlfriend

Image source: SeanM2020

She has some really nice gifts in there, she also has no interest in bikes so I thought it would be funny to make one just to see her reaction. There is a whole lotta stuff in there: candles, tarot cards, a photo book, a necklace, and LED lights.

#19 The Big Present On The Right Is My Gift To My Brother’s Family And The Big Present On The Left Is My Mom’s Gift To My Brother’s Family And I’m 100% Sure We Got Them The Same Thing

Image source: hello__caitlin, hello__caitlin

A third identical present has entered the chat. Sure enough! Wagons for everyone!

#20 I Wrapped Our White Elephant Gifts In The Shape Of Toilet And A Giant Plunger

Image source: LeftClique

Inside the toilet was a cute cat coffee cup and a box of hot chocolate mix, and inside the plunger was a fun wine bottle opener that looked like a bat with some lottery scratch-offs.

#21 I Got This In The Mail Today In A Suspicious Package, Roommates Were Lowkey Freaking Out

Image source: schrodingerspoison

I already got a mug that I assume was from my Secret Santa but I’m gonna guess this is also from my Secret Santa. If it is, thanks!

#22 This Is My First Time Participating In The Secret Santa Exchange And I Had No Idea What To Expect

Image source: PncheGordo

My Secret Santa completely blew my face off and these treats will surely be gone in 60 seconds.

#23 Fish Sandals I Got For Christmas

Image source: Deletethespageet

#24 My Stepdad Said He Wanted Nothing For Christmas. I Made Him This

Image source: Nintenfoxy1983

#25 My 16-Year-Old Nephew’s Christmas Present

Image source: anon20192019

#26 My 12-Year-Old Picked This Shirt Out For Her Papaw For Christmas. He’s So Proud To Wear It

Image source: ringodesu

#27 I Had An Idea For The Office White Elephant And I Turned It Into An Office Suite Of Art

Image source: CachalotTheUnlikely

#28 Christmas Present From My Hilarious, Insightful, Very Wise Colleague

Image source: HITeaWithGrace

#29 My Group Got Me This Hilarious Home Alone-Themed Christmas Present. I’m Still Impressed By How They Tricked Me Into Taking A Picture In That Kevin McCallister Pose Without Knowing

Image source: DrMikeBooth

#30 I Just Got The Best Christmas Gift. Not The One I Wanted, But The One I Needed

Image source: soneill91

#31 Thank You Santa For This. Hopefully, Now I Won’t Be Running Late All The Time

Image source: Monsieur-Lemon

#32 How Do You All Like My Gift This Year?

Image source: iiAmTheAnimal

#33 I Put My Coworker Fred On A Redbull For Christmas Gifts And Passed Them Out To The Entire Company

Image source: reddit.com

#34 My Little Sister Is Obsessed With The Office So I Made This Box Full Of Inside Jokes For Her For Christmas

Image source: haughtycandy

#35 I Got A Hodor Door Stopper. I Had A Good Laugh Opening This Gift. Thanks, Santa

Image source: mae_day

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