30 Times People Ended Up Regretting Their Online Purchases (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Online shopping is always a gamble – you never truly know what you’re going to get until it arrives, and the money is already paid. And this especially applies to deals that sound a little too good to be true. And some people learned this the hard way.

People are sharing their worst online shopping blunders, and as hilarious as they may be, they serve as a warning to double check the sizes, and always read the fine print. From ridiculously small furniture to terrible knock-offs, check out all the times people regretted shopping online in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous posts here and here!

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#1 Found This Online Couldn’t Resist

Image source: masadluffy

#2 We Bought A Dog Pool. This Is What Arrived

Image source: 9CuteCucumber9

#3 I Ordered A Meditation Book From Amazon And Every Page Just Says “Inhale” And “Exhale”

Image source: artinfinitelove

#4 Ordered Online And Was Sent Only One Right Shoe. They “Fixed” The Issue By Sending Me Two More Right Shoes

Image source: BerninatinTheCountry

#5 I Bought Some “Accent” Lashes. They Look So Natural

Image source: emilyMartian

#6 My “Full Sized” Mjolnir Arrived. I’m Still Happy And I Refused To Let My Moment Be Ruined

Image source: JesseD320

#7 Furniture For Hobbits

Image source: Pinky Jones-Pugh

#8 A Mate Of Mine Ordered An Infinity Gauntlet From A Dodgy Website That Only Asked For Postage

Image source: beejaamz

Got his card cloned, had various credit accounts opened in his name and received this in the post weeks later.

#9 This Guy Accidentally Bought An iPhone Shaped Coffee Table Instead Of An iPhone

Image source: Thomboyepic

#10 Dad Made The Classic Mistake Of Buying Something On Amazon Without Checking It’s Size. We Now Have Two 10 Foot Lamps

Image source: darthvaderislukesdad

#11 I Bought A Cat Tower Online That Turned Out To Be Much Smaller Than Expected. Trevor Is Still Trying To Be Appreciative Tho

Image source: SageKitty666

#12 Mom Ordered Steps For The Dog. What She Thought She Ordered vs. What She Got

Image source: Brandonfitzy5

#13 Etsy Shop Sent The Wrong Apron – Now I Have An Apron With This Random Guy’s Face

Image source: hxcchic22

#14 The One On The Left Is What My Mom Ordered For Our Cats, The Right One Is What Arrived In The Mail

Image source: jph_awesome

#15 I Ordered A 6ft Tall Rainbow Tree From A Facebook Ad And This Is What Showed Up. I’m Crying From Laughing So Hard, I’ve Never Had This Happen In Real Life

Image source: soomanytomatoes

#16 Online vs. When It Arrived

Image source: Dressie

#17 What We Ordered vs. What We Got (Feat. My Dog)

Image source: autistic-screams

#18 What I Ordered (Left) vs. What I Got (Right)

Image source: Regiciding

#19 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image source: juicyknark

#20 Friend Bought $600 Apple Watch Off eBay. This Is What Came

Image source: elit3k1ll3r21

#21 His XL Crate Arrived From eBay Today

Image source: so_can_a_calculator

#22 So Today I Received My AirPods From Amazon. God These Are Huge

Image source: Al333zay

#23 My Friend’s GF’s Dad Sent Them A 4xl Cutting Board For Their Housewarming By Mistake

Image source: gwackr

#24 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image source: dylanciaga

#25 Misunderstood My Last Amazon Purchase

Image source: Jaget23

#26 Shopping Online For Coffee Tables And Came Across This Review

Image source: throwaway———–

#27 Pearls Of Wisdom: Be Cautious When Ordering Online

Image source: cynman

#28 Ordered A Body Pillow Got A Wrist Rest Instead. I’m About 7.5 Bananas Tall

Image source: Frankensteinbatch

#29 We Ordered The Cake On The Left And Received The Cake On The Right. Elmo Has Seen Better Days

Image source: jlust24

#30 Next Level

Image source: RebeccaKwanga

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