35 Round And Snuggly Creatures You Can’t Resist Admiring

Published 6 months ago

In the vast expanse of the internet, where niche communities flourish, the subreddit ‘Round Animals‘ has emerged as a delightful corner for those who find joy in the charming world of chubby creatures. With 35,000 members proudly referring to themselves as ‘spherical beasts,’ this online haven celebrates the adorableness of animals with rotund physiques.

Join us as we explore the heartwarming universe of ‘Round Animals’ and uncover why these lovable creatures have captured the hearts of their devoted community.

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#1 A Smol Boll

Image source: kalasnaps

Genevieve DeLangie : “awww it looks like a little snowball!!”

#2 Gaze Long Enough Into The Abyss, Eventually The Abyss Gazes Back

Image source: you-can-face-it

2WheelTravlr : “Okay, that made me laugh out loud!”

Amanda Rose : “This just in! Scientists have discovered that black holes have eyes!”

#3 Geometric Near-Perfection

Image source: inflammammal

Jeff White : “What critter is this?”

LauraDragonWench : “This pushes my “cute aggression” button- no, it mashes that button down, repeatedly. 😄”

Doyle Golden : “I think this is the elusive Round Tuit. Great find and pix. Well done.”

#4 Very Loud And Very Round

Image source: NotYourBuissnesMate

Multa Nocte : “VOID!!!!!!!!!”

#5 Round Doggo

Image source: ya_seen998

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : ” That is an adorable little fluffy meatball”

#6 Arctic Hares

Image source: nighteeeeey

Matthews : “That majesty deserves to be a heraldic motif!”

Marilyn J. Leger : “I did Not know they had legs like that!”

#7 Perfectly Round, As All Things Should Be

Image source: reddit.com

Multa Nocte : “Should be used in maths classes to demonstrate the concept of “roundness.””

#8 Bunny

Image source: reddit.com

Nikki D : “Oh. No *animal hoarding intensifies*”

#9 Melon Cat

Image source: Electronic_Bamboo

Jessica Bertram : “See the melon. Feel the melon. BE THE MELON”

#10 :○

Image source: xparapluiex

Mark : “How could you not have drawn him?”

#11 One Lorge Echidna

Image source: ReadThisInABadAccent

Mark : “Fun fact, a baby echidna is called a puggle”

#12 Raccoon Sleeping In A Tree

Image source: Thelocust337

Bored something : “Roundcoon”

#13 Just Some Round Pigs!

Image source: jumperlife

Wheelchair athlete : “Lil guinea pig looks like it has lipstick on, cutie!”

#14 This Cross-Eyed Cat Laying On A Watermelon

Image source: nighteeeeey

SxS : “LYING on a watermelon”

Bill Swallow : “Hey! What’s that watermelon doing there?”

#15 Sphere

Image source: Hyraxlord

Multa Nocte : “Yin and yang, minus yin.”

Nitka Tsar : “The opposit of the void fluff”

#16 University Of Michigan Squirrel

Image source: stoeri546

Jeff White : “Those Quad squirrels are well fed.”

#17 The Takahē Is A Flightless Bird Native To New Zealand That Was Once Thought Extinct

Image source: kat_fud

Genevieve DeLangie : “that bird reminds me of the earth. it’s really beautiful.”

#18 Guys Look At This Furry Ping-Pong Ball I Saw On Twitter ?

Image source: runlikehell, ThamKhaiMeng

Jeff White : “This is a great photo”

TheBlueBitterfly : “Not me snickering like a teenager.. 🤭”

#19 He Looks Like He’s Wearing A Little Necktie

Image source: FrankSonata

Cloblobster : “He looks like a zen master with his goatee OHM”

#20 Duck Boi Round Boi

Image source: Ceitil_Fantasy

Otto Nilo : “So handsome boi”

#21 Its Probably Been Posted But I Give You: The Bearded Reedling

Image source: Gun_Butter

Martine Remmelzwaal : “Wow, on second glance, the black spots actually look like 2 birds aswell!”

#22 Corgi Cap

Image source: GretelNoHans

LauraDragonWench : “I need one of these in my life, stat! 💗💗💗”

#23 My Frog Baja Blast Looking Round

Image source: Swampkilla

Bill Swallow : “Color palette looks kinda ‘Arizona Iced Tea’.”

#24 Round Haircuts! :)

Image source: sopadebombillas

Matthews : “Imagine being home alone with those. Cuteness overload!”

Carol Lock : “Check out the tiny black toebeans!”

#25 Weighing The Borb

Image source: nightfright88


#26 Big Boi Hops

Image source: Zeebuoy

Matthews : “Go, fluff!”

Sue Denham : “I feel like he should be wearing a cape.”

#27 Winter

Image source: GlennisMclain

2WheelTravlr : “Pika FLOOF!!”

Nikki D : “This is the perfect fusion of chinchilla and guinea pig and I want a herd of them.”

#28 Round Bearded Roundling (Panurus Biarmicus), Being Round

Image source: Buzzkill_13

Martine Remmelzwaal : “Omg! Makes me think of angry birds”

Sue Denham : “Ah, forget flying; today I’m gonna roll.”

#29 Not Perfectly Round, But She’s Trying Her Best

Image source: GamerLuck

S Bow : “Beautiful, A for effort”

#30 No Talk Me. I’m Angry

Image source: David-Cop-A-Feel

The Disneyland Duck : “The beloved desert rain frog”


Image source: Erk522

S Bow : “The slight imperfections of ear and leg just add to the perfection”

Multa Nocte : “OK, now HERE is the perfect example of yang.”

#32 Oddly Thicc Chinchilla

Image source: just-need-a-friend

Andrew : “Baby got some back”

#33 Snoozle

Image source: underweasl

Zaphod : “It looks like the Firefox logo”

#34 Chonkchilla

Image source: donteattape

Nikki D : “Needs a playdate with my chinchilla NOW”

#35 Puppy Donut – The Day She Arrived And Stole My Heart

Image source: YoureHavingAGiraffe

LauraDragonWench : “Oops, there I go again! *a puddle of goo from cuteness overload* It’s okay, I’ve got my bucket now. 👍”

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