20 Alien Interpretations Of Animal Skulls Vs How They Really Look Like

Published 4 years ago

You may have seen the bones of dinosaurs and neanderthals in history museums, and have most likely seen interpretations of how they looked like when they were still alive. But here’s the thing – since soft tissue decomposes much faster than bones, there’s no real way of telling how various ancient creatures actually looked like. And if you’re still not convinced, just take a look at some skulls of modern animals – most of the time they look like they could belong to some hellish creatures rather than pet cats or hamsters. This fact has even inspired some people to start a new format of memes – they tried to imagine how aliens would interpret animal skulls vs how they actually look like, and the results were hilarious.

Check out the alien interpretations of animal skulls and their real-life counterparts in the gallery below!

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