Someone Pointed Out That These Cookbooks Have Awkward Covers, And Now The Whole Internet Is Shook

Published 6 years ago

Cookbooks can be a delight even just to look through – all of those amazing pictures of delicious possibilities that might end up in your mouth one day… However, not all of the recipe books are like that – some really need to reconsider their presentation. That is what Twitter user Mike Rugnetta noticed recently after seeing way too many book covers of instant pot cookbooks.

Rugnetta was going through an intense search for a perfect instant pot when in the midst of it he realized that the ads he started getting on every page he visited looked way too similar. They were offering him to get instant pot recipe books with pretty much the same cover – a couple cooking together. Well, sort of together. As he pointed out, in most of the examples the man is just awkwardly hovering around the woman that’s actually (kind of) doing the work.

“It seems worth noting that people (understandably) react with frustration to depictions of dudes getting handsy while women only ever cook dinner,” Mike tried to explain why the internet instantly reacted to his observation. “[They] also react with surprise to the homogeneity of the cover models; certainly many different kinds of people cook for two, maybe put a few more of them on these covers?”

Whether you find it hilarious or kind of annoying that most of these authors didn’t bother to get creative with the book covers at all,  we invite you to scroll down to see the comments these book covers received online.

More info: Twitter (h/t)

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A guy accidentally found these cookbook covers and thought something was not quite right

After further investigation, Twitter users have decided this trend is a lot more popular than it should be

And by ‘a lot ‘we mean A LOT

Everyone quickly expressed their confusion

Some even tried improving the covers

And others simply focused on the bright side


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