20 Brands Tried To Redesign Something But It Wasn’t Worth The Effort

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, people’s sentiments get attached to brand logos and certain animated characters. So, when the designer decides to redesign them, the change is not appreciated by many folks. Truth be told, the designers do mess things up badly sometimes.

Whether it’s a Burger King logo or the redesigned characters of Scooby Doo, the Reddit group “Crappy Redesign” is the place where people go online to vent out their disappointment about unfortunate changes to their favorite logos and characters. Check out some of their posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Heroes In The Half-Shell To Whatever This Is

Image source: neogeo5185

#2 Well This Is Lame

Image source: EthanIceWaffle

#3 Ruh-Roh!

Image source: Red_Leader_2020

#4 Burger King Was Another Victim Of The 90s Redesigns

Image source: imgur.com

#5 So Will The Films Get More Simplified?

Image source: Stephanoi_Gamer

#6 What Did They Do To Ms.frizzle?

Image source: TheExekutive

#7 Thousands Of Cgi Assets Wasted In One Fell Swoop

Image source: The_BackOfMyMind

#8 What The Actual Fawk??

Image source: Ovitsbole

#9 Just Why ? (Porky Pig)

Image source: _himo88

#10 What Will Be Next ? It’ll Finish The Circle ? Nothing Is Going Right With The New Logo

Image source: Stephanoi_Gamer

#11 Virgin Cgi Bob vs. Chad Clay-Mation Bob

Image source: aPingapongball

#12 Barbie Redesign

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Look How They Massacred My Boy

Image source: AndyH16

#14 Take A Design That You Can Use Correctly Even In The Dark And Replace It With An Abomination That You Can Get Wrong Even In Broad Daylight

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Developer Downgrade

Image source: ItsDaDoc

#16 They Removed The Native American, But Kept The Land. Classic

Image source: diphthing

#17 I Don’t Like The New Fanta Redesign

Image source: random___pictures1

#18 From My Favourite Childhood Anime To Another Bland 3D Animated Show

Image source: MiJokri

#19 The New Intel Logo Is So Boring

Image source: TheGreenGobblr

#20 This Is By Far The Worst Redesign I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: JLirl

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