20 Of The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Designs As Shared By People Online

Published 3 years ago

We are all in the cozy Christmas spirit now! And that coziness would not be complete without ugly sweaters! Yes, no matter how many awesome sweaters you own, you probably have one or two ugly Christmas sweaters hidden in your cupboard that you might be too ashamed to wear. However, not everyone is ashamed of them. Some people really enjoy wearing and flaunting their ugly Christmas sweaters. Some folks even take it to another level and organize ugly sweater competitions! Because why not! Check out some of the ugliest and most hilarious Christmas sweaters in the gallery below.

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#1 This Person Took Things To The Next Level And Attached A Whole Working Train Set And Christmas Village To Her Sweater

Image source: teentigermom93

#2 My Ugly Christmas Sweater Work Party Is Today. Think I’ll Win?

Image source: UnaPesadilla

#3 My Cousin’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: neodawg

#4 My 11-Year-Old Son’s Home-Made Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: skinflaps

#5 Merry Christmas To You All Out There From The Both Of Us Today! Hahaha. Enjoy The Time With The Family And Cherish Every Moment

Image source: kingjames

#6 My Boss And I Had An Ugly Sweater Competition

Image source: FinemImmort87

#7 Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: Heathiepants

#8 The Dangling Sleeves On This T-Rex Christmas Sweater

Image source: killxorxbexkilled

#9 Collection Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image source: sheymyster

#10 Parents Haven’t Noticed My Christmas Sweater Yet

Image source: Barnitz

#11 This. No

Image source: taramup

#12 What Do You Think Of My Christmas Sweater?

Image source: reddit.com

#13 My Friend Just Plain Gets How To Do Ugly Sweater Parties

Image source: Quinnbo

#14 I Present To You… This Year’s Christmas Sweater

Image source: Cash_Johnny

#15 I Didn’t Have An Ugly Christmas Sweater For The Party, So I Made One

Image source: NewHumbug

#16 My In-Laws Know How To Ugly Sweater Party As Well

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Christmas Sweater Day At My School. This Kid Made My Day

Image source: Acrylic_Splash

#18 Rudolph Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: sharingthestoke

#19 Mom Bought Me This Christmas Sweater… I Can’t Even…

Image source: dakang727

#20 The Black Cat Won The Competition

Image source: MMegan79

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