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25+ Hilarious Pie Comics For Those Who Still Haven’t Laughed Today

Published 5 years ago

John McNamee is a comic artist best known for his hand-drawn comic series called Pie Comic. The artist’s comics feature some sarcastic humor and the unexpected endings will certainly make you burst out laughing.

John started Pie Comic when he was still in college and since then has worked for The Onion and Cartoon Network. The artist says the work experience gained working for The Onion really comes in handy. “You really have to observe the world and see what’s weird about it to write Onion headlines. I once heard someone describe my humor as “wry,” and after I googled what that means, I thought it sounded about right,” said John in an interview with Bored Panda.

One of the most unique things about Pie Comic is the unexpected endings and John explains why he uses them: “I used to try to think of a joke and then start drawing it, but I found that my comics were too predictable that way. So instead, I just started drawing a character doing something and see if I could get them to end up in a joke.” The artist says some of his inspirations are The Simpsons,  Calvin & Hobbes and the Poorly Drawn Lines comics.

Another unique thing about the artist’s comics is that all of them are hand drawn. John briefly explained how he draws them:  “I draw on bristol board with blue pencil, then I go over it in and 05 Micron,” he told us. “I lay out my borders and guidelines with a ruler, but then I ink them freehand. I think the wobbily line makes the drawings more accessible and reminds you that a human being made them.”

Check out John’s hilarious comics in the gallery below!

More info: Website | Facebook | Patreon | h/t

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Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee


Image source: John McNamee

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