20 Times People In This Online Group Shared Useless Talents To Learn

Published 2 years ago

“Talent” is referred to something that is cool and unique and  something that someone does better than others. While some talents are inherent in some individuals, others are learned through practice and patience. Not all talents are useful though – you just learn some to kill time.

There is a subreddit dedicated to “Learn Useless Talents“, and if you love random tricks to impress others, you might find some in this online group. We have collected some interesting and funny talents from their collection, check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 How To Make A Grim Reaper Puppet Using Your Sleeve And Hand

Image source: VengarTheRedditor

#2 How To Make An Amazing Sofa Fort

Image source: ElMasChingon-JoshEMC

#3 How To Properly Peal A Post-It Note From The Stack

Image source: Real_Floop

#4 How To Gird Up Your Loins When The Wedding Party Is Over

Image source: PM_ME_YOUR_INDOMIE

#5 Ima Do This

Image source: MyManOwen

#6 How To Make A Stapler Mandala

Image source: aloofloofah

#7 How To Bounce A Dinner Roll

Image source: slayrslay

#8 Make Paper Boat Out Of Toilet Paper Roll

Image source: superboyk

#9 How To Beatbox

Image source: Leonlg

#10 How To Tell Apart Various Language Writings

Image source: lalala253

#11 How To Float

Image source: Omith12

#12 How To Split A Donut

Image source: Rasrockey19

#13 Does Learning Strange Spoken Language Rules Count?

Image source: matchatia

#14 How To Fold A Napkin To Fit Three Pieces Of Silverware

Image source: Puppyshiz

#15 Become The Master Of Shadows With These Simple Steps (Plus Its A Cool Title For Your Resume)

Image source: BouquetOfDogs

#16 How To Shake Ankles

Image source: gridzbispudvetch

#17 The Gentlemans Guide To Amputation

Image source: PillowDan

#18 How To Survive Being Buried Alive

Image source: tigantango

#19 How To Make A Shadow Turtle

Image source: 1Blackleaf

#20 How To Make Your Lipstick Last Through Eating

Image source: 1Voice1Life

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