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This Artist Created A Fart Guide And It’s A Must Read For All Couples That Sleep Together

Published 9 months ago

No matter how romantic your relationship is, sometimes escaping uncomfortable situations is impossible. And by uncomfortable, we mostly mean farting. And comic artist Weng Chen, the creator of ‘The Adventures of Messy Cow’ has created a hilarious comic explaining how to deal with this smelly situation.

The artist told Bored Panda she often runs into this problem after eating all kinds of food and was curious how other people handle the situation: “It’s a hard topic to bring up in casual conversations. So I decided to make a comic about it and was happily surprised by how many people were open to this discussion.”

“Some couples can fart comfortably in front of each other after a week, some won’t do that after 50 years,” says Chen. The artist also thinks people should care how it affects their relationship: “You don’t want to make your partner dislike you, and it’s important you keep liking each other in a long-term relationship.” She recommends using her comics as a guide and to test it step by step – “If your partner showed disgust at some point, don’t proceed further down the list.”

Check out the hilarious visual guide in the gallery below!

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