Mom Illustrates How Being Cheap Led To Her Peeing In The Car

Published 4 years ago

Have you ever gotten yourself in one of those situations where you thought you could hold your pee until you get home but quickly realized you couldn’t? Now, you probably just ended up running to the nearest restaurant or just sneakily going behind a tree but illustrator Weng Chen, the author of the Messycow comic series, took it a step further. She even illustrated her embarrassing story in a comic titled “How Being Cheap Almost Ruined My Life” – check it out below! And if you love Weng’s comics, see more here, here and here!

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“It’s only gross if you think it’s gross and I didn’t think so,” said the artist in a recent interview with Bored Panda. “It can happen to anyone.” Some people asked Weng why she didn’t just go to the forest near the apartment complex if she needed to pee so bad. She replied that in real life they were too far away and she could neither take her daughter with her nor leave her in the car. “[Also,] I’ve been told that even the adult-size diaper wouldn’t have worked. So keep at least 3 with you, and a plastic bag,” advised the artist.

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