30 Amazing Pics Shared On The “Can’t Believe That’s Real” Page

Published 7 months ago

If you enjoy those stunning little moments life can give you when you look at a perfect sunset sky riddled with a myriad of colours, or a breathtaking vista of snow-capped hills then some of the pictures shared on r/CantBelieveThatsReal will likely appeal to you. 

The page has amassed a following of over 47K members since its inception in 2020. Featuring mesmerising pictures of nature, history and many other eye-catching moments from across the globe, this collection is sure to wow you to the point of exclaiming, “How is this even possible???”

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#1 Frozen Bamboo Path In Kyoto

Image source: theblckpill

DEWWe have bamboo in our backyard and it is really pretty when it snows.

#2 This Polish Statue Looks Like Darth Vader After A Snowy Day

Image source: drkmatterinc

PeeledPotato : * insert darth vader noise*

#3 A Frozen Windshield After A Windy Night

Image source: Fibersan

KDS : This bugs me it looks like an octopus put it’s arms all over it.

#4 The Pathways At Ohio State University Were Paved Based On The Routes Students Took Before There Were Paved Paths

Image source: theblckpill

Tyson WeightGenius! More places should do this.

#5 Mount St. Helens Before And After Its 1980 Eruption

Image source: drkmatterinc

#6 A US Coin That’s Been Cut Out

Image source: theblckpill

ThatGI’d buy that for a dollar

#7 The Glasswing Butterfly. One Of The Most Delicately Beautiful Creatures To Exist

Image source: the_karma_llama

Mark: It looks like a sail that you’d rig to a catamaran or windsurf board

#8 A Single Drop Of Sea Water Under A Microscope

Image source: drkmatterinc

Blue Bunny of Happiness (edited): Thinks of all the seawater she’s accidentally swallowed over the years….

#9 Valonia Ventricosa, Also Known As Bubble Algae Or Sailor’s Eyeballs Is A Species Of Alga Found In Oceans Throughout The World In Tropical Regions. It Is The Largest Single Cell Organism. That’s Right. What You’re Looking At Here Is A Single Cell

Image source: drkmatterinc

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : To be honest, it looks like a giant grape.

#10 This Photo Of Cemetery Looks Like 2 Photo Put Together

Image source: mukundloveass

David : that would be an interesting / frustrating jigsaw puzzle photo

#11 The Best Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Ever Discovered- A 110 Million Year Old Nodosaur

Image source: hoshaiya

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Well, if he’s nodasaur, what is he, then?

#12 Spectators At The Fagradalsfjall Eruption, Getting As Close As They Can To Lava Without Getting Singed

Image source: the_karma_llama

Mark: Icelandic people are just so chill. There’s almost no crime, and they’re even buddies with flaming pimples of the earth

#13 DMX Wearing Anti-Paparazzi Scarf That Ruins Photos By Affecting Flash Photography

Image source: drkmatterinc

PeeledPotato: that would be amazing for celebrities to wear to ward of unwanted paparazzi

#14 A House In Iceland

Image source: dogthoughts5

Tyson Weight: I would love to live there

#15 Hyperion, The World’s Tallest Living Tree (379.7 Feet)

Image source: drkmatterinc

Superb Owl : 115 meters.

#16 A Copy Of The Mona Lisa Painted Alongside Da Vinci By His Apprentice. Unlike The Original, The Paint Was Preserved, Showing What The Iconic Painting Would Have Looked Like In 1517

Image source: drkmatterinc

#17 In Germany You Can Play Pong With The Person On The Other Side Of Traffic Lights

Image source: drkmatterinc

SPARKIZElate for work everyday lol

#18 Children Living In Siberia Getting UV Light Exposure During The Long Dark Winter Months

Image source: HellsJuggernaut

LooseSeal’s $10 Banana: This could be an album cover.

#19 This Bonsai Tree Naturally Growing In The Middle Of A Lake

Image source: reddit.com

Mark: Beautiful bonsai, I’d love to just sit and stare at it

#20 Srirangam Temple,india!!

Image source: HellsJuggernaut

DEW : I’m glad I don’t have repaint this.

#21 Freeze, Thaw And Refreeze Caused This Icicle To Look Like A Hummingbird

Image source: HellsJuggernaut

#22 This Building Has Cartoon Windows

Image source: drkmatterinc

JoyfulZebra : 🎶Take on me, take me ooooon🎶

#23 Ancient Rome Aqueduct

Image source: MyFeelingsAreHurt1

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : Or Goliath’s spinal cord.

#24 Motorcycle Built From An Old Tractor

Image source: drkmatterinc

Barry Meyer: My brother had a pickup with a tractor engine. Had to sit and idle for like 10 minutes on really cold days before it even moved. I asked him “man why the hell did you buy this” he says “a 200 dollar truck’s a good deal”

#25 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image source: marko2204

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Saturn is mooning us.

#26 Butterfly Eggs Of The Species Nymphalis Antiopa

Image source: drkmatterinc

Alexia : They are perfect

#27 This Is A Crack In Steel Through An Electron Microscope

Image source: reddit.com

JoyfulZebra: I thought it was the Grand Canyon at first

#28 The World’s Biggest Horse, Brooklyn “Brookie” Supreme

Image source: drkmatterinc

PylaBelgian beauty

#29 A Bison Still Alive After Being Struck By Lightning

Image source: drkmatterinc

JoyfulZebra: Poor guy

#30 Basketball Court In A Cave

Image source: ryan5648

PeeledPotato: imagine the (maybe ) echoing of the ball THUMP (THump) (Thump) (thump)

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