20 Conspiracy Theories People Came Up With That They Believe Are 100% True

Published 11 months ago

When you’ve been around long enough you start to learn a thing or two about the world. You learn to identify patterns,  you learn to read people, and you learn how to apply what you’ve learned so that you can start to understand what’s actually going on under the surface. Even though you would have no evidence to back up your claim if you were to voice it out loud. 

Recently, Redditors got together to discuss the things they believe are 100% true but have no proof of. In these moments, individuals almost become both storytellers and detectives, piecing together fragmented clues and relying on gut feelings to craft narratives of what might just be true.

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#1 Whoever started the flat earth conspiracy theory doesn’t actually believe it– they did it as a massive troll for their own amusement of watching dumb people dedicate themselves to something so stupid.

Image source: CMDR_Verax, Porapak Apichodilok

#2 That kids would be generally happier if all schools started later in the day, allowed/encouraged mid-day naps, and had cellphone jammers that were turned on at the start of the day and turned off at the end or in case of emergency.

Image source: heeerrresjonny, Tima Miroshnichenko

#3 Small/lack of pockets in women’s clothing is a thing so that fashion companies can sell more purses.

Image source: TheSaltiestSaltine, Manuel Iallonardi

#4 Most (all?) animals are much more intelligent than researchers give them credit for. I can see a thinking creature if I watch any of them long enough. Praying Mantises especially!

Image source: HarmoniousJ, Charles J. Sharp

#5 That sandwiches taste 100x’s better when cut diagonally.

Image source: anabanana96, Daria Nepriakhina

#6 Subway was much higher quality 20 years ago.

Image source: RogueModron, Chris Kennedy

#7 I believe that if you separated the population of any country or city based on either religion, skin color, gender, age group, economical class, political affiliation or eye color, you would find the same percentage of a******s in each of those subgroups.

Image source: da_governator, Scott Evans

#8 Facebook suggested friend algorithm is partly based on people that have stalked you.

Image source: liontrips, Austin Distel

#9 That anything and everything we do on our mobile phones, even when you think you are being secretive by using invented usernames and arbitrary passwords, is being logged and electronically documented somewhere. Privacy is a thing of the past.

Image source: ommyoho, Priscilla Du Preez

#10 Most of the long winded top posts/comments on reddit are written by professional or aspiring writers who actually do not have the first hand experience they claim to have.

Image source: flatulential, Melanie Deziel

#11 Gatorade switched to curvy bottles to hide that they are 4 ounces smaller Edit:I am not saying it can’t be proven that the bottles are 4 ounces smaller, I am saying I can’t prove that the bottle shape was changed specifically so consumers wouldn’t notice.

Image source: anon, Mike Mozart

#12 A lot of people don’t actually believe in whatever religious organization they belong to and use it to manipulate those that do and amass power for themselves. Church of scientology isn’t the only example, but it’s a good one. See also the fact that if everyone genuinely believed killing yourself for your religion would lead to eternal paradise, suicide bombings would be reserved for the highest ranking officials.

Image source: Iron_Man_977, Ric Rodrigues

#13 That my generation (im 25 yo) will bear witness to a cataclysmic event that dramatically restructures the geopolitical system and society as we know it. I am talking an event on par with the great depression or WWII. Perhaps even the fall of Rome or the plague. I feel it is just about time for the wave to crash.

Image source: zonedout430, Ivan Aleksic

#14 That there’s fragments of history behind the legend of Arthur.

A long time ago the only iron they had access to in Britain was bog iron – literally clumps of mud pulled from bogs. They would use them to make iron weapons but the quality of the metal was poor.


“pull the sword from the stone and you will become king of Britain” – this means if you learn to get iron from iron ore (stone) you will get weapons good enough to make your people conquerors.

“a magic sword from a lake”

Heard of quenching? at some stage someone was forging swords with their new iron and accidentally dropped it in some water (or stuck it in because he was tired of waiting for it to cool down) and to his surprise found the new sword seemed “magically” stronger than non-quenched swords.

Remember; millennia ago history was largely (completely, sometimes) passed down orally from generation to generation and changed in the process.

The legend of Arthur that we have now is in fact the relicts of actual historical events so old there’s nothing left of them except the legend…

Not all legends are true; but some may be fragments of oral history.

Image source: TheDevilsAdvokaat, Ricardo Cruz

#15 Companies like 23 and me will eventually sell customers dna to health insurance companies, and some folks will be charged higher rates if not kicked off their insurance.

Image source: phat79pat1985, Hannob

#16 The US government artificially deflates the price of cheap high calorie low nutrition foods because poor fat people don’t overthrow governments, poor hungry ones do.

Image source: RhodiumPl8ed, Nothing Ahead

#17 Giant creatures exist in the deepest parts of the sea.

Image source: DOC360noscope, Alex Rose


Image source: Shroffinator, Shroffinator

King St. Old Town, Alexandria VA – there are two, count em TWO, wig shops one building apart. They are outdated shabby looking places whose windows are filled with the fakest looking wigs, mustaches, and toupes on mannequin heads. It’s on the main street, in a very wealthy town. Other businesses come and go under the competitive pressure of the area and high leasing prices but these shops stay open without a single customer. My mom lived there in the 80s and they were there; I live there now and still they stand unchanged. 100% a front for two competing mobsters.

edit: y’all are bolstering my conspiracy theories, now I’m going to investigate the stores myself. If I die you know what happened.

#19 I believe “Bad Luck” exists to steer us in the right direction. For example, turning around because I’ve forgot my wallet to find I’ve left the door front door open. That’s why I’m not so upset about having to cancel a recent vacation. I had vehicle breakdowns, one after another, on a road trip. Had to cancel after only 200 miles and go home. Maybe something horrible would have happened out in the desert if I’d continued.

Image source: ChevroletAndIceCream, Cole Keister

#20 The management at my work have installed some sort of signal-jamming Faraday cage around the toilets so the staff can’t spend time in the toilet using the internet on their phones.

Image source: anon, Miriam Alonso

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