20 Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True, According To People In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Conspiracy theories have always been popular among Netizens– be it the flat Earth theory or Area 51 theories, these topics often attract a lot of attention. While some of them are ridiculous and utterly stupid, a few of them might have some logic behind them.

When a Reddit user asked, “What conspiracy theories do you think are too logical to ignore?”, people started giving some interesting answers. Scroll below to read them, and if you want more such fascinating theories, check out our previous post here.

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Image source: DeathSpiral321

“9/11 was allowed to happen so the government could go ahead with political agendas that would’ve been very unpopular otherwise. There were all kinds of advanced warnings that an attack was imminent, yet they were ignored.

The attack allowed for the invasion and never-ending occupation of the Middle East, as well as the Patriot Act that allows for increased spying by the government (and was passed only about a month after 9/11).”


Image source: Balla1928Aus

“The true conspiracies are right in front of our eyes. The extent of corporate control over the democratic process is no secret but we’re all too busy debating the moon landing, flatearthers and anti-vaxxers.”


Image source: mamacat2018

“Princess Diana car crash wasn’t “accidental “. I truly believe P.Philip hired someone to get rid of her and have a feeling that when him, Elisabeth and Charles die some very secret conversations, emails ecc will come out.

Medelaine McCann was accidentally k**led by her parents. I don’t believe they intended to do it but I do believe they covered it up and once the press ecc arrived they seen an opportunity to make money out of the situation.”


Image source: reddit

“Secret societies definitely exist.”


Image source: _KoingWolf_

“That civilizations have risen and fallen far earlier than we currently are aware. And that ancient civilizations were way more capable than we give them credit for.”


Image source: Bondie_

“Psychedelics are only illegal because they liberate from the consumerism narrative.”


Image source: reddit

“There are theories that many famous female stars who were blacklisted (Megan Fox is a good example) were blacklisted because they refused to sleep with directors and producers.”


Image source: Kreamlin

“There is a giant money laundering cycle driven by the sale of paintings. It’s just a piece of canvas with some paint on it. I may understand some people would be willing to buy paintings from the renaissance, but modern art is definitely a huge money laundering instrument.”


Image source: Crotchfirefly

“Saturated fats and cholesterol aren’t particularly bad for you, but a very politically aggressive and ethically deficient scientist named Ancel Keyes staked his career on the idea that they were, published studies with egregiously poor methodology (In his landmark Seven Countries study, he specifically picked those countries which best supported his aims while ignoring those countries that didn’t) and waged a very aggressive campaign to destroy the careers of detractors (Famously Dr. John Yudkin– who wrote “Pure, White and Deadly”, a book on the dangers of dietary sugar).

Today, scientific nutritional authorities continue to drag their feet on revising the conventional medical wisdom due to the erosion to their own authority that this would represent.

Ancel Keyes was more singularly responsible for obesity in the US than any other person.”


Image source: Fletcherdl

“Jamie Lyyn Spears, Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, etc were [taken advantage of] by Dan Schneider. Nickelodeon let him get away with a lot. There’s so many feet jokes in all those shows. A lot of the interviews with those cast members get really awkward when they’re around Dan. If you got to pursue your dream career when you really wanted it wouldn’t you do just about anything? If you made Dan Schneider mad you career would be ruined and your dreams would be over.”


Image source: mrwizard24

“Nothing’s actually happening in Area 51. The government just keep it so people will focus on it and ignore the shady stuff happening somewhere else.”


Image source: GurpsWibcheengs

“McDonald’s shake machines are never actually down, the night crew people are just too lazy to clean it.”


Image source: reddit

“Mattress firm is a drug cartel or a money laundering company or maybe they’re laundering money for the drug cartels. I don’t know, but whatever it is, they’re up to no good.”


Image source: llcucf80

“The Allies certainly knew about the Holocaust long before April/May 1945, they never just “happened” upon the camps as they were defeating Nazi Germany. This begs the question on why they never lifted a finger to stop the importations, destroy the rail lines to the camps, etc., but they never did despite them knowing what was going on.”


Image source: reddit

“Trader Joe’s makes their parking lots small intentionally to make it seem like it’s more popular.”


Image source: SMELLYJELLY72

“David Miscavige, the chairman of the Church of Scientology definitely murdered his wife and is getting off scott free for it. Him and his wife got into a pretty heated argument in 2007, and she hasn’t been seen since. Lawyers hired by David claim she is still alive and devotes 100% of her time to work at the church of scientology, which is why she hasn’t been seen since August 2007. In 2013, a former member of the church had filed a missing person report that was closed after a few officers had “spoken and seen Mrs.Miscavige”, even though there’s no evidence whatsoever of this meeting. All missing person’s reports now are turned down since this investigation is forever closed.”


Image source: Ungreat

“With the number of millionaire/billionaires that are psychopaths or similar, there must be a few super rich serial k***ers out there.

By extension there must be people making money supplying victims in the same way Epstein was supplying girls to the wealthy who wanted to scratch an itch. With the money, power and influence would come governments and intelligence agencies willing to overlook or cover up terrible actions for leverage.”


Image source: BenMcIrish

“The art trade. These million dollar art shows/individual pieces that go for insanely high prices are just a way for money laundering.”


Image source: Burnnoticelover

“So my dad actually confirmed a popular conspiracy theory.

I told him about the “laundry detergent caps have the full line too high on purpose”, and he told me this was true. He interned at P&G, and they taught him the full line was for “the highest level of cleanliness our product can give”. You can get away with using much less detergent.”


Image source: butterthenugget

“That the world is controlled by s select few ultra rich. Of cause it is because they are doing all the back door deals making each other even more money.”

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