50 Awesome Tombstones By People With An Immortal Sense Of Humor

Published 6 years ago

Losing someone can be very hard-hitting and sorrowful, yet most of the loved ones that pass on would like for us to remember them with a smile on our faces.

The people with their tombstones pictured below made sure that the visitors of their graves don’t feel down when they come to remember them and immortalized their sense of humor in stone.

Scroll down to check out the brilliant headstone writings.

(h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Gay Vietnam Veteran

Image source: Ryanhgwu

#2 If You Can Read This

Image source: eldare

#3 Walking Through A Cemetery When All Of A Sudden…

Image source: yolo-swag4jesus

#4 I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

Image source: Gerri Gray

#5 Still There Was Love

#6 Visiting My Grandma’s Grave And Found This On A Tombstone Nearby

Image source: FilthyMrClean

#7 Kay’s Fudge

Image source: trooper843

#8 All Dressed Up An No Place To Go

#9 Finally

#10 That’s An Unusually Fun Tomb Stone

Image source: GallowBoob

#11 This Man’s Tombstone Is A Giant Middle Finger

Image source: Mad_V

#12 That’s All Folks

Image source: fasdf

#13 Pardon For Not Rising

#14 Ouija Grave

Image source: тeresa

#15 Merv Griffin Grave

Image source: Dormant Braincell Research Project

#16 Go Away

Image source: A.J.

#17 Shit Happens

Image source: Moonstone

#18 Hidden Message

Image source: Mononc’ Paul

#19 I Came Here Without Being Consulted

Image source: seekfear

#20 Found While Out Planting Flags In The Cemetery For Memorial Day

Image source: shadowvox

#21 Damn

Image source: Number1

#22 She Always Said Her Feet Were Killing Her, But No One Believed Her

Image source: NC Cigany

#23 Arthur And His Wife

#24 Uncle Walter

Image source: Bill Stephens

#25 On The Backside Of Mom’s Headstone

Image source: DonGeronimo

#26 Think Of Me And Smile

Image source: Christopher Allen

#27 She Answered

#28 Sucks To Be Me

#29 I See Dumb People

#30 She’s Surely Going To Hell

Image source: Taed Wynnell

#31 Daddy’s Own Language

Image source: Family Tree Magazine

#32 Do Not Enter

#33 Found This Gem At The Local Cemetery, When You See It

Image source: No_Downvote_Only_Boo

#34 Oh Well

#35 My Great Grandfathers Headstone. I Have Never Met Him, But I Wish I Had

Image source: GlobindobinButler

#36 Have A Seat

Image source: Thomas Dwyer

#37 Clay Allison Never Killed A Man That Did Not Need Killing

Image source: Plazak

#38 Let ‘Er Rip

Image source: Pat David

#39 Nobody’s Perfect

Image source: Dormant Braincell Research Project

#40 I Do Work For Cemeteries And This Is One Of The More Bizzare Quotes I’ve Seen On A Headstone

Image source: wiskerbiscuts

#41 Well This Sucks

Image source: metalsgt90

#42 Steve And Anya Left Something After Them

#43 I Knew This Would Happen

Image source: orping

#44 He Was Right

Image source: J. Stephen Conn

#45 This Tombstone On A Beach Graveyard

Image source: kdbc1234556

#46 George Spencer Millet

Image source: oddthingsiveseen.com

#47 Went In The Hole With This One

#48 Never Satisfied – Will Be Back

Image source: Johan Mathiesen

#49 Here Lies Pa

#50 Don’t You Cry

Image source: Tammra M


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