Artist Illustrates How A 2-Year-Old Can Hurt You And Every Parent Will Relate

Published 6 years ago

Raising children can be a tough job – and illustrator Weng Chen, a mother of two and the creator of ‘The Adventures of Messy Cow”, can confirm. For her latest series of illustrations, she illustrated all of the creative and painful ways a 2-year-old can hurt you.

“One side effect of having children is that it gives you the real sense of mortality,” said the artist in an interview with Bored Panda. She says she used to do a lot of comics when she was younger and after a long pause, started drawing again when her second child turned two because if she didn’t, she might never achieve her dream.

Weng says the illustrations were a fun and meaningful way to illustrate both her child’s and her own growth. She says she is happy to know that there are others that feel the same way. “The parents from all over the world told me how this is just like their life experience,” shared the artist.

Check out all the ways a 2-year-old can hurt you in the gallery below and if you like her illustrations, be sure to check out her handy instructions on How To Fart when sharing a bed here!

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