25 Duolingo Memes That May Inspire You To Learn A New Language

Published 2 weeks ago

Did you know that Duolingo has a whopping 97.6 million monthly users? It’s the most popular way to learn a new language online. It’s got a fun and playful vibe, and its mascot is famous for guilt-tripping you into practising. 

There’s even a subreddit called r/duolingomemes where people share jokes about their experiences with the app. Join us for a dive into bizarre sentences, stern reminders, and the satisfaction of ticking off those lessons.”

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#1 Intruder Alert

Image source: MonadoBoii

#2 The Dogs Wear Hats

Image source: MissPavIichenko

#3 Thanks

Image source: williamstafford

#4 Handful Of French Words I Know To Bully Everyone

Image source: aaolomi

#5 Lost In Translation

Image source: AgniK4i

#6 More Spanish To Learn

Image source: bobvulfov

#7 Dutch Duolingo

Image source: noaaavocado

#8 You Are Correct

Image source: jonycorn

#9 What Is The Duolingo Owl Planning

Image source: jackbern23

#10 Should I Be Scared?

Image source: SubToUstube

#11 Duolingo You Have Gone To Far

Image source: Old_Dragonfruit_5016

#12 After One Duolingo French Session

Image source: onlineinurmind

#13 You Are Already Dead

Image source: sh**duosays

#14 I Waited So Long To Make This Meme

Image source: The_Meme-Connoisseur

#15 Me Too Duo

Image source: detailedwings

#16 Ahhhhh

Image source: OttoKari

#17 Not Your Boyfriend He’s The Duolingo Owl

Image source: GraceMorg76

#18 The Real Meaning Of Life

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Duolingo Is Superior Tho

Image source: reddit.com

#20 No Reason To Miss Today’s Lesson

Image source: MacDoesIt

#21 Found On Ig. Duo Built A Notorious Reputation Outside Of The Community

Image source: reddit.com

#22 F**k That’s Brutal

Image source: mlvrkhn

#23 Wow

Image source: Kymanifesto

#24 Thank You Duolingo

Image source: KingOfEggos

#25 Vaffanculo

Image source: UniqueUsername_420

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