30 Cats With Jobs That Will Steal Your Heart

Published 3 years ago

Who said that cats do nothing more that eat, sleep, and destroy furniture with their razor-sharp nails all day? Turns out that they’re just as hardworking as any other pet out there – and we even have pictures to back up this bold claim.

The users over at the r/CatsWithJobs subreddit are sharing pictures of adorable cats hard at work, and we can’t help but admire their diligence. Check out a collection of the most adorable employed felines submitted to this subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 Momma Mia Just Donated Blood To Save Another Kitty In The Icu, Because That’s What Heroes Do.. And Also For Salmon

Image source: daabilge

#2 Fire Prevention Officer Max

Image source: ShapeShiftingCats

#3 Caught The Repair Man Sleeping On The Job

Image source: saggy-stepdad

#4 Reviewer Score Booster

Image source: Veilwinter

#5 He Lied On His Resume, But Got The Job Anyway

Image source: Nikachuu

#6 This Is The Only Employee I Would Need Anyway

Image source: royrogersmcfreely12

#7 This Is “Lil’ Kim”. She Works At My Local Record Shop And Greets Every Customer. Last Time I Was In, I Kneeled Down To Pet Her And She Climbed Into My Arms And Made Me Carry Her During Most Of My Shopping Trip

Image source: mr-tony-stark

#8 Cat As Luxury Background

Image source: ssknurt

#9 Professional Actor! Cactor? No?

Image source: iamstelliferous

#10 Shout Out To Tiddles For Almost 20 Years Of Church Cat Service

Image source: Tucker_Bio

#11 The Security Guy In Istanbul, Turkey

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Lawyer Cat

Image source: DaBrownBoi

#13 The Whole Kitten Receptionist Team, Working Hard!

Image source: astro-mechanic

#14 Head Of Security. His Name Is Portakal (Orange In Turkish) And He Loves Watching Security Footage

Image source: YekMert

#15 Today Mia Was A Blood Donor For A Tiny Kitten With Flea Anemia! As Payment She Got Wet Food, A Tiny Bit Of Ice Cream, And The Entire Blood Bank Toy Bin

Image source: daabilge

#16 Melon Cop

Image source: catswithbangs

#17 Office Brochures Came In Today

Image source: unrecklessabandon

#18 How Are You Feeling Today?

Image source: KadinlTurk

#19 Tailor Cat

Image source: SterlingBoardman1

#20 Our New Receptionist Started Today.. I Feel Like She Lied About Her Experience On Her Resume

Image source: Kittentails3000

#21 George Is A Great Administrator

Image source: saratonln

#22 Academe Cat Portraying For, And Proofreading Book

Image source: -Jude

#23 Construction Worker Kitty

Image source: unitedwemosh

#24 Bookstore Employee In Kaui’i

Image source: kelserah

#25 Major Chivas – Cat Firefighter From Kyiv, Ukraine. He Has A Rank, A Uniform, And He Sleeps In A Paper Tray Inside The Chief’s Office

Image source: MisterDreavus

#26 Cat Hangs Around A Hospital For A Year, Ends Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat

Image source: AutoCrosspostBot

#27 This Is Lola. She Works At Lowe’s

Image source: scorchdearth

#28 The Kitten My Boyfriend Found While On A Job Now Works At The Flower Shop With My Mom

Image source: cursepurgeplus

#29 The Public Relations Officer At My University Campus

Image source: bincjj

#30 Steve Loves All The Fresh Mountain Air He Gets With His Trucking Job. Your Freight Is In Good Paws With Him

Image source: 3spoopy_5me

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