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30+ Artist’s Tributes Honoring The Legendary Comic Artist Stan Lee

Published 7 months ago

Stan Lee, the iconic American comic book writer and editor has passed away on November 12. He helped create such iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four and his death shocked many comic book fans around the world.

After hearing about the news, many artists started creating fan art dedicated to this legendary comic artist. And even though he had passed away, he will never be forgotten by superhero fans everywhere.

Check out the tribute art dedicated to late Stan Lee in the gallery below!


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Image source: olivarescfc


Image source: junchiu


Image source: chan


Image source: jonathanserrot


Image source: THQNordic


Image source: auro-isa



Image source: Delsdrawings


Image source: marcellobarenghi


Image source: GurkiratSingh1

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