People Make 30 Helpful Suggestions To Decorate This Awkward Free Space

Published 3 weeks ago

Sometimes when you’re scrolling, you may come across a comment section that is more interesting than the actual post itself. Indeed, it can be hard to predict what content will eventually go viral online. 

Recently, popular content creator Greg, aka @greg16676935420, shared a photo of a small space in his friend’s new apartment on his X account. He asked users to share interior design recommendations that could make it work and people immediately had a lot of fun sharing the most witty suggestions from which we’ve shared the funniest below. 

More info: X | Instagram

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Content creator Greg went viral after sparking a fun and engaging online thread about interior decorating


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: mraff0224


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: OtakuRockU_

Sky Render: IF I HAD ONE!


Image source: greg16676935420

Regina Holt: Call me crazy, but of all the ones I’ve seen so far, this one is my favorite.


Image source: EGRockwell


Image source: Ndaire_


Image source: thesinkingcity


Image source: RomeroMikey

TheElementalGod️️ (He/him): MINECRAFT!!!!


Image source: jmcnally647


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: TinaN424211


Image source: ForAmerica


Image source: hexclad


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: 0xBooz


Image source: Ergotsalad


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: greg16676935420


Image source: CollectSilver_


Image source: rgcheeseburger


Image source: kickxX3astmanXx

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