20 Of The Worst Home Designs Shared In The ‘That’s It, I’m Home Shaming’ Online Group

Published 3 years ago

You know what they say – your home is your castle. That means you’re free to do pretty much anything you want with it. However, some people tend to get a little carried away when it comes to designing and decorating their homes, producing some pretty crazy results. And none of them manage to slip by the keen-eyed members of the That’s it, I’m home shaming Facebook group.

The group in question has nearly 114k members who regularly share the wackiest home designs they’ve managed to come across. Helicopter ceiling fans, frog-themed apartments, fluffy bathrooms, and much more – check out some of the worst home designs shared in this group in the gallery below!

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#1 Renovations To A 500 Year Old Castle

Image source: Nicole Taylor

#2 Hmmm

Image source: Tim Othy

Call with wife
Me:“Babe I’m at Lowe’s what type of ceiling fan did you want for living room ?”
Wife: “ I don’t care pick what you think looks good”
Me: “ok you sure?”
Wife: “ it’s a fan you can’t screw that up”

The new fan:

#3 Don’t Even Know What To Say…

Image source: Michaeleen Dewey Elliott-Gomez

#4 This Was One In My Local ”dream House Finally Came True” Group. She Hopes That She Inspires People Through Her Home Pictures

Image source: Guinevere Tampi

#5 I Think Somebody Had An Affair With The Tile Guy And Needed An Excuse To Keep Him Coming Around

Image source: Ryanne Blank

#6 It Burns My Eyes

Image source: Heather Lynn

#7 Balcony

Image source: Osore Osore

#8 My Ocd Is Crying

Image source: Katie Crum

#9 Jairs

Image source: Hillary Kervin Porter

#10 Rawr!

Image source: Paula Saint Ours

#11 It’s Missing The Clock Tower!

Image source: Bob Harbison

Architect: “So, what style would you like?”
Disney Castle.
It’s a Small World.
Cape Cod fishing village.
San Francisco painted ladies.
Light House
Ren Faire castle
Hotel Lobby Building
Oh, and… add in a touch of the Kremlin

#12 Completely Reasonable

Image source: Shauna Leigh Daly

#13 Third-Gen Share But I Think This Is Where This Post Belongs. Bonus Points For The Flip-Up Floor To Access The Toilet, But Puh-Lease Don’t Leave It Up In The Middle Of The Night

Image source: Helene Goldson

#14 Okay, Okay. This Definitely Counts. The Mold! The Smells! Whyyyyyy?

Image source: Jennifer Jen Ex

#15 A Tiny Stairway To Nowhere

Image source: Ron Groom

#16 Because You Need A Vulva In Your Front Driveway

Image source: Kelly Ash

#17 Neighbor Redecorated The Guest Room, She Was Going For The 70’s Look

Image source: Patty-McCoy Roach

#18 Shagadelic!

Image source: Alicia Collins Spaid

#19 It’s A Bath, It’s A Bar, It Would Be A Health Violation Outside The Home

Image source: Jonny D Welch

#20 Only In Montana

Image source: Michael Storace

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