30 Times People Got Tattoos In Languages They Don’t Speak And Ended Up Making Fools Of Themselves

Published 4 years ago

Here’s a pro tip for anyone who’s thinking about getting a tattoo – don’t get a tattoo in a language you don’t speak. No ifs, ands or buts. And if you’re still not entirely convinced, today we have a collection of people who got foreign language tattoos and ended up making fools of themselves.

People are sharing the ridiculous translations of foreign language tattoos they’ve spotted in the wild, and you’ll be surprised how many of them come straight from a restaurant menu. Check out all the times people got ridiculous tattoos in foreign languages in the gallery below!

And I’ll just repeat this once again so it really sticks with you – don’t get a tattoo in a language you don’t speak.

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#1 Why Human Translation Is Valuable

This one has been making the rounds. Apparently, this young lady wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a tattoo that reads “I love you”. Instead, it reads “Babylon is one of the world’s leading dictionary and translation programs”

#2 I Meeeeeean…

Image source: hanzismatte

#3 Much Appreciated

This is a particularly cruel prank. What this actually says is “ana mu’affan”, “I am rotten”.

#4 Well That’s Just Unfortunate…

Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte

#7 Her Tattoo Says “Fresh Spring Rolls” In Thai

Image source: bolthead88

#8 They Certainly Were “Taken Advantage Of”

Image source: hanzismatte

#9 Chinese Tattoos Gone Wrong

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Never Use A Hungry Tattoo Artist…

Image source: altonwang

#11 Shout Out To This Mexican Tattoo Artist

Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte

#13 “A Queef Perhaps”, Indeed

Image source: hanzismatte

#14 Maybe She’s Into Grilling…

Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: Ryan__Hyman

#17 Today I Learned That My Friends Chinese Tattoo Literally Means “Turkey Sandwich”

Image source: rebeccalmighty


Image source: hanzismatte

#19 This Person Will Never Need To Struggle Ordering In A Chinese Restaurant Again


Image source: hanzismatte

#21 Heavily Smitten, I Guess?

Image source: hanzismatte

#22 Boastful Rice Village (He Thought It Was His Daughter’s Name)

Image source: fail_tattoos_kek


Image source: hanzismatte

#24 Supportive Spouse

This one reads “husband head empty”.

#25 Ooh, Yolanda Sounds Like A Freak

Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte

#27 It Like Literally Says This Is Tattoo Hahaha

Image source: fail_tattoos_kek

#28 Carbs Are Important

So, supposedly this was supposed to be Qi, a primal force of life in eastern philosophy. What it says is “rice”. How did that happen? If we were to guess, it’s because in traditional Chinese, the lower component of the Qi character 氣 is similar (but not identical) to rice 米


Image source: hanzismatte


Image source: hanzismatte

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