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10+ Funniest “I Woke Up To This” Moments Ever

Published 1 year ago

Many things can happen overnight, things you would never expect. A cat might decide to be your roommate without you knowing anything about it. Your kids might decide to paint the basement on their own. A hippo might decide to take a dip in your pool. Many inexplicable things can happen overnight.

Scroll down below to see what surprise these people found when they woke up. And next time you wake up after a big night out and with a bad hangover, just thank your drunk self for not getting a face tattoo…


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#1 Gave This Guy A Piece Of Bacon On My Way Home From The Bar Last Night. Followed Me Ten Blocks Home. This Is How I Woke Up

Image source: urscriptisweak

#2 Living Alone In Nashville, I Used To Wake Up Every Morning To This Gal (She’s Wild) Squawking For Food At My Back Slider. One Morning I Serenaded Her With My Guitar. The Next Week She Made A Nest And Laid Eggs On My Patio. I Named Her Greta

Image source: officerinternets

#3 Woke Up To Some Asshole Blaring Aerosmith Outside My Apartment. Turned Out To Be Aerosmith

Image source: pentatonix

#4 My Friend Works At A Bird Of Prey Rehabilitation Center. This Morning She Woke Up With This Cutie On Her Chest

Image source: LtNAncy

#5 So I Woke Up From My Nap And Ended Up In A Disney Movie

Image source: JSpinnler

#6 Passed Out At A London Bus Stop. Woke Up To This

Image source: bowlerhatbear

#7 Woke Up To See These, A Fox And His Cubs Playing In My Garden

Image source: ChrisLeFevre

#8 I Went Through A Serious Surgery One Day Before My Friends Wedding. This Is What I Woke Up To At The Hospital One Hour Before They Said Yes To Each Other

Image source: yoyobeni

#9 So I Woke Up To This Out Front

Image source: NSRT4

#10 Woke Up To This

Image source:


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