25 Comics By Clare Kayden Illustrating The Struggles Of Adult Life

Published 5 months ago

Nestled in the heart of California, Clare Kayden Hines emerges as a beacon of creativity, captivating audiences with her relatable and humorous illustrations that shed light on the quirks and nuances of everyday life.

What sets Clare apart is her ability to find humor in the mundane. From navigating the chaos of morning routines to the peculiarities of office life, her illustrations explore the shared experiences that bind us all. Buckle up for a joy ride through some of her relatable and downright funny illustrations that capture the essence of our everyday chaos.

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Image source: kaydenhines

missmandy : “My dog SMACKS me in the face when I’m about to have an anxiety attack”


Image source: kaydenhines

TheElementalGod️️ (He/him) : “So am I. ~begins to research spells to transform myself into a dog~”

DragonofMordor : “My cat. But at the same time, when she’s awake, she has so much energy. I want her energy as well as her ability to sleep at a moment’s notice.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Lotekguy : “Needs slices for doodling on the papers and surfing on the phone.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Khavrinen : “No — thanks to you.”

Madeleine Summers : “Anxiety’s page: You have been blocked 🚫.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Auntriarch : “Clearly someone with more pairs of knickers than me”


Image source: kaydenhines

Anxious Aardvark : “Mom put both on the table to avoid issues. Good for me. I like both.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Auntriarch : “Because you are trying to grow the wrong kind of plants”

Darian Starfrog : “Fake plants, lotsa pretend vines.. no problems. And I gotta people giving me vegetables..”


Image source: kaydenhines

Alethea Fletcher : “A few years back, pre pandemic, there was a house listing (in the UK) that did the rounds on FB…due to the amount of sockets everywhere in the house. Even on the ceiling. Iirc, there were more than 27 double sockets in the lounge alone! 🤣. So many said it was the dream home… not many said it was overkill.”



Image source: kaydenhines

yuri Snyder : “Soooo true 😏🥲”


Image source: kaydenhines

Lester the Space Duck : “The worst feeling: Sleeping half the day away, and not accomplishing anything that you planned to do on your day off.”

DragonofMordor : “I don’t need an alarm anymore. I wake up by 7 even on weekends. Of course, having a cat who wants her morning pets and will climb up to get them if I’m not up helps.”


Image source: kaydenhines

DragonofMordor : “I feel this so hard. I’ve learned to make myself a list and then just start checking things off one at a time. If I think about everything I have to do, I get overwhelmed.”

Darian Starfrog : “Key is starting SOMETHING, go from there..”


Image source: kaydenhines

Paul C. : “You’ve met most of my managers then?”


Image source: kaydenhines

Darian Starfrog : “The most me so far.. it’s a problem”


Image source: kaydenhines


Image source: kaydenhines


Image source: kaydenhines


Image source: kaydenhines

Kelly H. Wilder : “I am type one, but with all the icons lined up on the left side instead of the right.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Adrian Scarlett : “That’s exactly how your insides should be…”


Image source: kaydenhines

Paul C. : “We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty!”


Image source: kaydenhines


Image source: kaydenhines

Lorraine Woollands : “ That’s why I stopped wearing nail varnish”


Image source: kaydenhines

DragonofMordor : “Accurate.”


Image source: kaydenhines

Kim Gilbert : “I started sorting out some old clothes for the charity bags that get delivered to households about once a month or so, which you fill with old clothes/bedding/shoes etc and it gets collected from the kerbside and taken to charities. Was doing quite well, had a couple more piles of stuff ready to go, then BEDBUGS!!!! No more collections taking place, bedroom floor neatly decorated with unwanted stuff. Charity shops won’t take things either, for the same reason. Edit: Not our bedbugs! 👾”


Image source: kaydenhines

Anxious Aardvark : “Carbs, carbs, carbs, lovely carbs….”


Image source: kaydenhines

Cooking Panda : “Lol. I often finish my cup of coffee 3 hours after making it. Apparently one sip is enough to power me for a couple hours 😂”

Darian Starfrog : “Same with cold drinks.. room temp is best”

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