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10 LEGO Jokes That Will Remind You Of The Good Old Days

Published 7 years ago

You can build almost anything out of LEGO, yet we didn’t consider building jokes out of it. Silly us. But not to worry, that changes now!

Thanks to some creative folks online and the guys at Bored Panda who have constructed this list, we once again get to witness how much creativity a simple stash of plastic bricks can store. Take a look for yourself and don’t forget to add your touch in the comments below!

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#1 When You Turn 100 And Can’t Play With Lego Anymore


Image source: drpepperhixon

#2 Today I Learned That Raspberries Make Great Lego Afros


Image source: krisajenkins

#3 Strike Them Where It Hurts The Most


Image source: ilovedoodle

#4 Seen At My Doctors Office


Image source: Bbypndabamboo

#5 I’ll Never Lego


Image source: ilovedoodle

#6 This Is How My Son Was Sleeping. He May Be Immortal


Image source: dreadpirateciv

#7 My Son Was Excited To Find Daddy In His New LEGO Kit


Image source: krayolajo

#8 His Feet Won’t Lego


Image source: Truck Bearing Kibble

#9 He Went To The Barber And Asked For That Lego Skin Fade


Image source: noahfromthepack

#10 Who Says LEGO Isn’t Racist?


Image source: unknown.

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