LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers To Protect Your Feet From Their Greatest Enemy

Published 9 years ago

LEGO is the best, most creative toy a child can have. It also puts the feet of the parents at great risk. That’s why LEGO has created special protective Anti-LEGO slippers. And it only took them 66 years to make them! The Anti-LEGO slippers are a cooperation between the company and advertising agency Brand Station.

The slippers feature a lot of padding to protect gentle parent feet from dastardly LEGO pieces. 1,500 pairs of slippers will be produced and randomly distributed to those who fill Christmas wish-lists on French LEGO website. So some happy parents will not get to experience the consequences of their children getting what they want for Christmas!

More info: | facebook | (h/t: boredpanda)

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Finally, the industry has solved one major daily problem…


…foot seeking LEGO bricks!


LEGO has finally introduced Anti-LEGO Slippers!




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