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Special Laptop Case Lets You Decorate Your Laptop With LEGO

Published 9 years ago

LEGO bricks are a staple of both a happy childhood and a hurt foot. But now, Jolt Team has suggested a way to combine bricks and laptops: Brik Case! It‘s a plastic studded cover that fits over a MacBook (as long as it‘s produced after 2013). And the studs are there for – you guessed it – LEGO bricks! Well, Generic Brand Bricks, anyway – the product isn‘t endorsed or licensed by any toy brick company. As the Kickstarter pitch says, the bricks just “happen” to fit the case. Which means that you can steal bricks from your brother/kid and make some kickass decorations.

Jolt Team is mostly a software developer, and this seems to be their first solid project, and first Kickstarter thing. They need a lot of money for ABS plastic molds, to fit the cases for various MacBook and MacBook Air models. They are in luck, though – with 24 days to go, they have already passed their funding mark.
It seems that adults love LEGO even more than children.

More info: (h/t: designtaxi)

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