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This Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard Combines Nostalgia With Practicality

Published 9 years ago

Few of us have old vintage typewriters in our homes and even fewer use them to write. However, many of you will agree that most modern gadgets can’t compare with the splendid tactile and acoustic experience of typing with an original typewriter’s rounded metal keycaps. Qwerkytoys decided to combine the vintage typewriter with a modern keyboard with a splendid hybrid called Qwerkywriter.

This fun and stylish invention has 84 chrome accented round keycaps, an integrated stand for a tablet (up to 10”) and a detachable USB cable. The qwerkywriter’s platen, or the space where the keystrokes on a real typewriter would fall, serves only as an authentic decoration, but the creator promises to make use of it in this hybrid typewriter’s future editions.

More info: Website | Kickstarter | Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

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