20 Times Kids Surprised Everyone With Their Intelligence, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Kids are weird creatures – one minute they’re asking ridiculous questions like “Why is the moon called the moon?”, and the other minute they’re surprising us with their incredible wit and creativity.

Kids Are Smart“, an online community with around 51.6k members, is dedicated to “pictures, gifs or verifiable stories of kids being smart.” The online community receives lots of posts on a daily basis and listed below are some of the most interesting ones in which people mentioned how kids exhibited impressively intelligent behavior.

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#1 No Hitting Doggo

Image source: trin134340

#2 Thought This Belonged Here

Image source: PhilNobileJr

#3 Genius

Image source: jdm1tch

#4 This Kid Is Going Place

Image source: kishna2615

#5 This Made My Heart Melt

Image source: reddit.com

#6 My Aunt Just Shared Her Son’s Assignment With Me

Image source: Hi_I_am_Chad

#7 This Never Actually Occurred To Me To Do This As A Child

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Genius Boy Who Went Viral At 11yo For Helping College Students With Organic Chemistry Is Now A Researcher At 13

Image source: cigdemk14

#9 Way To Look Out For Your Neighbor, Kid!

Image source: adambedders

#10 The Cop Let Them Go

Image source: BunAndLeggings

#11 Thanks, I Hate Lightsabers With Shadows

Image source: polinadius

#12 Light Grease

Image source: SalvadorZombie

#13 Strong Together

Image source: aaryarajsaxena

#14 Asked My Student To Complete The Maze

Image source: davmeva

#15 Im Going To Start An Insect Business Too

Image source: Aengeil

#16 Thinking Outside The Box

Image source: RogueDadMD

#17 Well, That Was Unexpected

Image source: bliebbloepiamnotabot

#18 Creative 4 Year Old

Image source: AlixEHarrow

#19 Photographic Memory

Image source: codiuscube

#20 What A God

Image source: massi_yeet

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