35 Humorous And Horrific Moments From The Food Service Industry

Published 10 months ago

Working in the food service industry can be a rollercoaster of emotions, from the joy of serving delicious dishes to the frustration of dealing with demanding customers. Food service workers often find humor in the chaos, and their ability to laugh at the ups and downs of their profession is nothing short of impressive.

The Facebook page “Life Of A Server” explores some painfully funny pictures that perfectly capture the essence of a food service worker’s life. Check out some of their hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Phil : “Where are all the cigarette butts?”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

actaeon cross : “I worked at a fast food place and we would alter the lobby air to match whatever was outside. So, in the summer we would turn the heat on in the lobby if people were still sitting and having a good time when we were ready to close”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

TheBlueBitterfly : “Have a sign on the door, “No Public Restroom.” At least once an hr “can I use the restroom?” “Where are your restrooms?” “What do you mean you don’t have a restroom? That’s illegal! I’m calling the police/health department/the state/my mom!”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

LegendsNeverDIE : “Lolll yes I love this!! It’s so annoying when people just seat themselves (and I’m not even a server!)”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

EvilNob : “Try it in Germany and they will be happy about that tip, because they are payed way better and are tipping here is an option and not a necessity. But it is probably like the taxes there….”


Image source: TheThomason

Olivia Lisbon : “This is me. I got a tosti yesterday that was so burned half of it was just crumbling charcoal, and even then I just ate the more edible bits, ignoring my husband’s exasperated sighs and ‘just send it back!’s. At the end the waitress went “was everything okay?”, and I – encouraged again by same husband – intended to say something about the tosti but it came out as ‘yup, lovely!’. Cue an even bigger sigh, my husband said it was super burned for me, the waitress goes ‘oh, sorry.’ And I just went ‘that’s okay! The other half was really nice!’ with this manic, desperate grin. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.”


Image source: phileagle

Jb7309 : “Seen the staff naked?”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Jared Robinson : “Don’t even know where he comes from or where he goes when not in use.”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Bruce Stark : “Oooooooohs! I smell burnt rat. And not in the fryer (though I have)”


Image source: Callie_Kirkwood

The Doom Song : “I always used to reply with “oh like an hour and a half ago” and they’d be like “what?” So I’d shrug my shoulders and say “people kept turning up so I can’t leave””


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Bored something : “As a retail employee I’ve heard that from customers too. It’s got to be nicer than walking into a place as morose as a cemetery.”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Jared Robinson : “customers must order into microphone.”


Image source: holy_schnitt

Kirsten Kerkhof : “Ooo, that is evil and I like it!”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp



Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

UpQuarkDownQuark (he/hey you) : “I’m waiting for a nice tip and a loving boop on the nose, life. Been waiting a while.”


Image source: oatmilkmom

Qia Munther : “We all have”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : “Worst for me: Dude rolls in about 15 before close and asks for a menu…”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

Mad Dragon : “My standard answer was, “Do you remember who your server was? I’ll have to let the manager know.”


Image source: phoenixsnot2

Bored something : “Who the hell couldn’t live on 100,000 a year. Damn.”


Image source: richhomiewen

sara fulmer : “She even gave a $10 tip on the card! ” and here’s a lil’ pocket money for you. Get yourself a latte on the way home” 😘”

AngelWingsYT : “One time at work this kid (about 10-12) paid for snacks n movie for him n his family. And tipped me $5. I about cried 😭 he was such a little gentleman! Parents raising him right!”


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp, twitter.com


Image source: Kevinkavanagh0


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: phileagle


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: phileagle


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp


Image source: LifeOfAServerApp

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