35 Hilarious Memes And Wholesome Posts That Got Featured On This Instagram Page

Published 6 months ago

In the vast landscape of social media, Instagram has become a hub for humor and entertainment. One page that stands out in the realm of laughter is the “Funny Posts” Instagram page.

With its curated content that ranges from clever memes to heartwarming posts, this page has garnered a massive following and is a go-to source for those in need of a good laugh. Let’s dive into a collection of hilarious memes and wholesome posts that have made waves on this popular platform.

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Image source: funnyposts

David : “I wonder how many tries to get the jump coordinated. I’ve been part of jump shots and often at least one person is a bit early or late on their jump.”

Superb Owl : “That’s called thinking ahead: “Yes kids, your mother is indeed a witch, and you don’t want to make her angry. Just look at what happened to these guys.””


Image source: funnyposts

STress (I/me) : “Women DO fart??? My life’s just been shattered…”

MamaPumpkin : “Being able to talk about farts is such a green flag in a relationship :D”

Mike Rodrick : “Nice of her to warn you. Do you do the same for her after eating spicy food?”


Image source: VancityReynolds

Nonna_SoF : “Technically correct. I’d have to check but it probably varies by something like 10cm depending on temperature. That is assuming the expansion is similar to rail.”

Shelley Dawson : “Technically speaking he’s right. Being a metal structure it iwll expand in heat and vice versa. But it’s very minor.”


Image source: funnyposts

EvilNob : “You forgot to ask the name of his girlfriend. I’m not sure he would say your name.”

Ru Bee : “Plot twist he has another girlfriend and didn’t recognise his bit on the side.”


Image source: funnyposts

TheMagicOfBeingMia (She/Her) : “If I said this to my mum I would die”


Image source: funnyposts

Head_on_a_Stick : “”Theft by finding” is a thing. Hand it in. EDIT: I am not a “child of God” btw. Morals are not the exclusive preserve of the religious.”

Louisa Spoke : “Many years ago I saw a man riding a bike and his very full wallet dropped out of his back pocket as he rode past. Tracked him down, this was before mobile phones snd found him. He didn’t t know he had lost it until he was contacted. Turned out it was the money he had saved to fly to London ant to get married. I live in Sydney Australia. You have to return it to the person who lost it. I do feel good about doing this and I hope this man is still happily married.”


Image source: funnyposts

Paddling Panda : “Patsy Cline and The Pretenders. Great Shower Karaoke.”

Tracy Wallick : “Shaving is a whole operation and it takes FOREVER”

CryingChildKinnie : “Play out future conversations that may or may not happen and also daydream complex animations to vocaloid songs.”


Image source: funnyposts

TotallyNOTAFox : “God I hate people that never get to the point in the first place and type several messages before they arrive there”


Image source: funnyposts

sharyn turnicky : “And that is a smart Dad”

Shelli Aderman : “Also gives dad 30 seconds of peace… 😉”


Image source: funnyposts

Mike Rodrick : “Rude to everyone. I don’t discriminate.”


Image source: childhoodpost

Sinead Kenny : “We need to hear more like this is such negative times.”

CryingChildKinnie : “That is so wholesome.”


Image source: gentleman.handbook

Birgit Sommer : “Wise words indeed. Now if they would just be required to wear one of those yellow skull stickers and not pretend to be healthy vitamins until it’s too late, we’d be in business.”

Nemo : “But the poison looks amazing, tasted great and it seems a great idea at the time.”


Image source: funnyposts

STress (I/me) : “Some of us use raincoats. But, we’re freaks…”


Image source: funnyposts

80 Van : “More frequently, wakes up a little early, so justify lying in bed until way past when I should have gotten out of bed.”


Image source: funnyposts

TotallyNOTAFox : “No steaks are too high if we stick together”

Jeremy James : “And we can live together in peas and hominy.”


Image source: funnyposts

Kelly Scott : “What really bugs me is when the TV show Mash started, it was only 20 years after the Korean war and that seemed like such a long time between the two. It’s now been half a century plus since Mash started and I remember it like yesterday.”


Image source: LifeAsHales

Pan-cake : “Wait, you get 30 minutes? Lucky…”


Image source: funnyposts

TheNewJenBrady : “And this photo was from quite a few years ago. Her baby is probably a preteen by now…now I need to go Google it”


Image source: funnyposts

Kelly Scott : “I was allowed to live, period. Not necessarily there.”


Image source: gentleman.handbook

Your Local Weeb : “Exactly. It goes from talking about anime to my self hate and suicidal thoughts”


Image source: xbradtc

STress (I/me) : “They’ll get dry some time. Cigarette won’t. s”


Image source: funnyposts

Dragon mama : “Necessary context, character backstory and vocabulary or history lesson”

Ample Aardvark : “As long as you’re prepared for me to tune out between 3-5 minutes into the conversation!”


Image source: funnyposts

STress (I/me) : “If I bring you the breakfast into the bed, just “thanks” is good enough. I don’t like to hear things like “Who are you?” and “Whatcha doin’ in my house???””

Dr. David T Macknet, PhD : “Learn your partner’s reactiveness first. With some people you’ll get violent response.”


Image source: funnyposts

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “Or pets (bunnies in my case).”


Image source: funnyposts

shanila.pheonix : “you both are perfect for each other”


Image source: funnyposts

Stary_cat : “He looks like a bobble head!”


Image source: funnyposts

deejak : “All the time.”


Image source: funnyposts

deejak : “Do it now!”

Id row : “We’d have to go back to the mid 90’s. I’d be cool with that, as long as I had my current knowledge.”


Image source: gentleman.handbook

stupidMonkey : “Sounds like fun to me.”

Anya Beboop : “Husband and I do this. Balance is key.”


Image source: funnyposts

Your Local Weeb : “This reminds me of that one meme like: “Mom why was i named daisy?” “Because when you were born, and left the hospital, a Daisy fell on your forehead” “mom why was i named rosie?” “Because when you born, a rose petal fell on your forehead” “M-Mom?” “Yes, Brick?””

Robert T : “Bit like the child that was called Denise. If it’d been a boy, they’d have called it Denephew. ;-)”


Image source: funnyposts

Charlie the Cat : “True love that.”

Midoribird Aoi : “Urban legend. Seen some version of this story for decades.”


Image source: funnyposts

Ty Stratton-Quirk : “Three paws also an option.”


Image source: gentleman.handbook

Pan-African Thought Society : “A good friend asks “you alright?” before laughing.”


Image source: funnyposts

Andy Resh : “Yup. Then I married him. Best thing in my life.”

El Dee : “Only once with a human but happens with dogs on the regular. They’re better people than people..”


Image source: funnyposts

Linda Riebel : “Oh, that’s sad but true.”

Almost sunny : “Was thinking this looks terrifying to me as a woman/person, it’s all dark and I would be constantly checking around me for murderers!”

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