35 Memes On The Instagram Page “Heal Through Laughter” That People Might Relate To

Published 6 months ago

In a world where stress and daily challenges are part of our lives, laughter is truly the best medicine. And what better place to find a daily dose of laughter than on the Instagram page “Heal Through Laughter.”

This page is dedicated to spreading joy and positivity through hilarious and random funny memes. Whether you’re having a tough day or just in need of a good laugh, “Heal Through Laughter” has got your back. Today, we’ve compiled some of the best random funny memes from this delightful Instagram page to brighten your day.

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Image source: relieveddotco

Rj : “What a great idea!”

BitchinintheBurgh’ : “Honestly though, the chair is at least being more helpful than some people..”


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LegendsNeverDIE : “I can relate :)”

Wilfredo : “Dishwasher Bro is not impressed”

Bored Retsuko : “Mine after giving my pet rats one spoonful of their meds!”


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LegendsNeverDIE : “Lol I have bad eczema. I can relate”


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Floeckchen : “It’s almost always the quiet ones where everyone is saying that nothing could shake them.”

Aspen Stafford : “nah cause why is this true how have i accumulated 23 years of anger in 15 years lol”

Babs Ishkabibble : “I meant to say ‘Honey, pass the salt…'”


Image source: relieveddotco

MsLou : “The hardest thing in the world!”


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Corvus : “Or you black out in the middle of the paragraph :D”

Aroace tiger (she/they/he) : “I hate not being able to process the words even when concentrating my hardest”


Image source: relieveddotco

sbj : “This happens to me most days”

Kat : “I mean there is second breakfast.. And then elevensies before lunch… Right?? That is a thing right, right?”


Image source: relieveddotco

Tempest : “I once had two oranges sitting on my desk for over 3 months. I eventually ate one but the other one was left for about another month and went rotten. I was simply too lazy to peel them and eat when I could grab a chocolate or cookie as a quick snack.”


Image source: relieveddotco

Ruby White : “Nah Im serious It’s ALWAYS when Im in a bad mood”

KnightOwl : “I’ve never had this happen with sleeves, I guess I’m too tall for that. Happens all the time with jacket or trouser pockets and belt loops on jeans though. Always seems to happen to me when I’m in a rush.”


Image source: relieveddotco

Tilfeldig Forbipasserende : “This makes perfect sense. Reduce noise to let brain focus on sight instead”

El Howard : “Yeah, sometimes I turn the stereo off completely when my exit is coming up, so I can focus on not getting lost.”


Image source: relieveddotco

LegendsNeverDIE : “Woahhh it’s like a wave 🤩”


Image source: relieveddotco

Jill Rhodry : “It’s sad people have to live like this, and I can’t imagine the courage…”


Image source: relieveddotco

LegendsNeverDIE : “I have a problem where i can’t stop laughing for like ageees and idk whether I subconsciously do that to try and fit in better by laughing even when the jokes are not funny or I just don’t get them OR if you his is an actual illness that some people have * hyperventilates*”


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Edda Kamphues : “And nod. Always nod.”

The only Plueschopossum : “I always look like this when I asked someone what they said and I still don’t understand them after they repeated it several times. So I just hope it wasn’t a question.”

Kelly H. Wilder : “I lost hearing on my right side a couple of years ago and if there is any background noise at all I can’t hear conversations very well now. This is definitely how I look much of my day. I try to guess how I should react based on the other person’s facial cues and hope for the best. 🤷🏻‍♀️”


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Corvus : “Oh, my cat gets this look sometimes. I usually need to bandage my hands afterwards.”


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Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “This is why we have a dessert stomach, it doesn’t count.”

Freya the Wanderer : “Me after Thanksgiving dinner, or an epic pig-out. Sometimes I eat so much that I hate myself – and so does my stomach.”


Image source: relieveddotco

Nerenahd Dhaneren : “This is the perfect representation of my dating life.”


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Fora Nakit : “I don’t get why people hate that. Why do I have to spend 20 minutes of my time typing and interacting with you, when it can all be over in 2 minutes’ time?”
Mr. Nurse Man : “I don’t mind phone calls, but I know that it gives some people anxiety. I prefer texts just so I can go back and reread what someone said rather than having to remember the audio. I have so many other things I hear on a daily basis that I like to just put in ear plugs for a while when I get home just to enjoy silence.”
Tilfeldig Forbipasserende : ” Why aren’t people able to follow simple instructions. “All contact through sms or email” does not mean “Call me!””


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CORGI QUEEN : “adhd! ADHD! Drink some coffee, start to vibrate! ANXIETY (To the tune of under the sea)”

detective miller’s hat : “Yep, now I’m just tired faster.”


Image source: relieveddotco

Eline : “alright, just a quick 20 min nap….OH SH*T”


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David : “that headline is gold. Except according to the story I found it was more like he was running away from the cow. . https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/09/swigging-pig-hogs-18-beers”

Breadcrumb. : “Sounds like every Australian man I’ve ever known”


Image source: relieveddotco

freyawuff : “Homer Simpson once said: “Why have three kids and no money, when you can have three money and no kids””


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Quirinus : “Yeah, the motivation always lasts until the moment I close the door to my appartment behind my back”

Tracy Wallick : “The front door is a portal that saps me of all my energy and motivation.”


Image source: relieveddotco

David : “Relatable. Have had this happen several times with different dogs. Makes me feel like a boss until I remember I suck with people.”


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Floeckchen : “The one time a spider scared me was, when I was lying in bed in pitch black and looking onto my smart phone when out of the dark a spider just ran across the screen.”

lavabean;) : “Those saying “out of sight, out of mind” have never had a spider disappear in your room and it shows”

Kelly Scott : “Not a spider for me. It was a mouse instead and it ran across the instrument panel of my car while I was driving at night. In the middle of traffic, I braked, jumped out and then stood there with the car door wide open, like it was gonna apologize and exit on its own. The people behind me were not happy.”


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troufaki13 : “Me, currently at work…”

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her) : “Me that one time at Christmas at a Grandparent’s place.”


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quinn : “”sorry my mom said no” (i didnt ask her)”

P H : “LOL i’m ashamed to admit that’s me all the time these days, but sitting next to my dog.”


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ScaryTerry : “The cat is everything”


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Tempest : “Not a year ago I used to be a penguin on the left. Woke up at 5-6 am just to go for a walk and watch the sunrise. 2023 happened and now I’m the penguin on the right. Wish I could go back to my happier self.”

Kim Lorton : “Thats me…. Still processing where the coffee is!”


Image source: relieveddotco

Tilfeldig Forbipasserende : “I use to skip to the beginning of the song (assuming not radio), turn off and exit. Then I can start with a great song the next time I get in the car”

Kevin the Manager : “LOL. No longer a thing. I stream my music through my phone into my car audio system. I get the great songs on demand.”


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