20 Of The Funniest Cat Pics Shared On The Facebook Page ‘My House, Not My Cat’

Published 1 year ago

Cats are mischievous beings who make their own rules. They have a reputation for being independent, grumpy, adorable, and amusing. But one thing that many people don’t know about them is that these felines also like to randomly invade strangers’ homes for various reasons.

In fact, there is an entire Facebook group where people keep posting pics of “My house, not my cat“. As it is quite evident from the group’s name itself, people click pictures of cats who show up in their homes unannounced and act as if it’s their house. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 This Is My House, I Have 2 Cats, Neither Of Them Ginger

Image source: Victoria Jane

#2 Not A Thought In His Head. Not A Care In The World. My Yard, My Chair, Not My Cat. (Yes, He Is Alive. I Checked)

Image source: Clair Chapman

#3 We Do Not Own A Cat, Yet The Footstool Under My Desk (Or At Least The Blanket On It) Has Apparently Become The Place To Be For The Neighbours’ Cats

Image source: Becky Reynolds

#4 Glad I Bought New Patio For Not My Cat!

Image source: Lisa Ruccolo

#5 ‘my House Not My Cat’ Had A Sixth Sense That It Was Steak Night And Volunteered To Be The Official Taste Tester

Image source: Chelsea Davis

#6 This Girl Often Sneaks Into My House, Eats My Cats Food, Naps On My Favorite Chair And Violently Tries To Style My Morning Bed Head While Try To Peacefully Drink Coffee. She Is Not My Cat. She Is Chaos

Image source: Jessie Heidelberg

#7 Came Home From Kroger To Hear Some Screaming, And Found This Little Guy Running Around

Image source: Sajoel Hauberg

#8 My Orange Boy Brought Home A Boy. You All Could Have At Least Put A Tie On The Door. Judging By How Close They Are, I’m The Last One To Meet This Dark, Handsome Stranger

Image source: Jordyn Oshman

#9 My Kitchen…. Absolutely Not My Cat…. Think She’s Expecting Food?

Image source: Annelie Birtner

#10 My Bathroom, My Lap, Not My Cat. I Got Home From Work At 6am And This Guy Decided To Follow Me Inside. Oh! And He Has Some Extra Toe Beans

Image source: Alyssa Reaser

#11 My Fridge, Not My Cat

Image source: Gemma Payne

#12 My House, Not My Cats. But They Are Such Good Cats

Image source: Damin Spritzer

#13 My House, My Dining Room, My Armchair. Very Much Not My Cat. In Fact He’s Not Anyone’s Cat. He’s A Very Spicy Feral. Handsome Though

Image source: Clair Chapman

#14 One Of My Neighbor’s Cats Just Making Himself Comfortable In My House

Image source: Karyn McEwen Woodsum

#15 Not Our Cat, Assisting Me With A Charity Yoga Challenge And Getting Comfy In Our Son’s Room. He’s Called Zimba (The Cat, Not My Son). We Don’t Feed Him But He Drops By For Tummy Rubs About 10 Times A Day

Image source: Lynn Jones

#16 We Generally Leave Our Bathroom Window Open At Night For Ventilation And Bathroom Door Shut To Keep The Rest Of The House From Getting Cold… Switched On The Light – Opened The Door

Image source: Matt Hendry

#17 This Fuzzy Boy (I Think) Had A Sudden Urge To Check His Email. This Is My Computer. This Is Not My Cat

Image source: Laura Phillips

#18 My House, My Shoes. Not My Cat Asleep With His Face In Them

Image source: Cubby Adams

#19 I Have Been Holed Up At Home Sick For The Last Week. My Cat Will Have Nothing To Do With Me. I Sat Out On The Back Patio This Morning For Some Fresh Air And Sunshine, Feeling Pretty Sorry For Myself. Along Came Our ‘Not Cat’ From Over The Back Fence. To Keep Me Company. Yeay For My Not Cat!

Image source: Lorraine Poth

#20 He Walked In And Made Himself At Home. Is This A Halloween Blessing?! My House, Not My Cat

Image source: Valerie Slade

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