30 Times Cats Acted So Weird, They Made People Ask, “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

Published 2 years ago

Cats are curious and unpredictable creatures – they are often found doing weird things and trying to get into tiny spaces. There is a reason they rule the internet – their random behavior and expressions never fails to win the hearts of millions of netizens.

In fact, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to these cute weirdos. The subreddit What’s Wrong With Your Cat?‘ posts hilarious and adorable cat posts that might make you smile for a while. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 If I Fits… Aw, S**ts

Image source: Thryloz

#2 Am Cat. But Sometimes Wonder… Why Am Cat?

Image source: Delicious-Talk2128

#3 My Cat Staring At A Piece Of Rice

Image source: asakiwaki

#4 Whenever We Turn A Fan Or Air Filter On Our Little Girl Goes And Sits Right In Front Of It And Makes Her ‘Fan Face’

Image source: Turbulent_Swan_64

#5 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Image source: qwer1627

#6 Cat So Lazy A Spider Built A Web Between Her Ears

Image source: worldiscubik

#7 He’s Just Standing There… Menacingly

Image source: sablasagna

#8 My Cat Likes To Sleep In A Perfectly Straight Line

Image source: cannydooper

#9 Cosmo (Office Cat). Spent Days Only In The Sink. Took Him To The Vet. Vet Said He’s In The Sink Constantly “Because He’s A Cat”

Image source: saintphoenixxx

#10 More Food !!!

Image source: Flirty_arya

#11 He Yells At Grass Before He Eats It

Image source: coxonroach

#12 An Interesting Pair

Image source: BritishFoSho

#13 90 Degree Kitty

Image source: Stellanboll

#14 Every Single Day I Think I Can’t Possibly Get A Funnier Picture Of Her. Every Single Day She Proves Me Wrong

Image source: minminminnow

#15 Sometimes My Lips Get Stuck On My Teefs

Image source: DisgruntledPelican

#16 She Sleeps Like This To Keep Her Nose Warm

Image source: ChrispyBowtie

#17 An Image Of Boredom; This Can’t Be Comfortable

Image source: GearDawg

#18 This Is Dennis. He Sits Like This 60% Of The Time

Image source: justingilltattoos

#19 She’s A Scarf

Image source: CoveDwell

#20 Not Only Did He Steal The Vet’s Chair, He Had To Make A Face As Well

Image source: External-Pilot-2207

#21 He Threw His Socks On The Floor Again

Image source: JuiceJuddy

#22 Instant Regret

Image source: imported_solemnity

#23 Searched The Whole House For Her, Found This

Image source: ______________u

#24 No One Taught Her How To Use The Chair

Image source: Brozo08

#25 Fred Having An Existential Crisis

Image source: gilbertsmith

#26 I Feel Like I Interrupted Something

Image source: richestotheconjurer

#27 Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire

Image source: Gimblejay

#28 He Got Long Leggies

Image source: Christof_P

#29 She Found The Catnip Plant, Ate Dirt And Didn‘T Stop There

Image source: EstaLisa

#30 GF’s Cat Is Having Some… Thoughts?

Image source: tim3lymann3r

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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