‘The Cat Trap Is Working’ Online Group Shares Funny Cats Fitting Into Weird And Tiny Spaces (30 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

You might have heard the saying that “Cats are liquid”. If you own a cat, you probably know the reason why they say so. Cats follow one simple rule- “If I fits, I sits”. And they really do. These felines can be found chilling at the most random places.

If you are familiar with cat behavior, you probably know how to catch them too. They love to sit in boxes, they are not so fond of their own bed but they might be found inside an egg carton. “The Cat Trap Is Working” is a subreddit where the owners share hilarious techniques they use to trap their cats in one place. Scroll below to see some of their funniest posts.

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#1 Not Only Has The Catrap Worked, But Gary Has Basically Moved In At This Point

Image source: Ksilverstar25

#2 Imaginary Cat Trap

Image source: Madd_Skillz_88

“Nobody has had a more productive day than my mother”

#3 Captured The Entire Gang

Image source: Artteachernc

#4 Hmm

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Trapped My Cat By Putting 2 Pieces Of Paper On The Floor And Waited

Image source: minimur12

#6 This Portable Trap With A Convenient Handle Works Very Well

Image source: likurifleetwood

#7 The Plant Is No Longer With Us…but We Kept The Tank Because He Loves It

Image source: Phemus01

#8 A Less Conventional Way To Catch Felines

Image source: fatcatmikachu

#9 Does This Count?

Image source: Ajarofpickles97

#10 Took A Bathroom Break After 5 Hours Of Building This Puzzle And Came Back To This

Image source: ryuubaby

#11 I Put This Down To Sweep The Floor And Accidentally Made A Cat Trap

Image source: sercebaterije

#12 Does This Count? She Always Sits In This Circle Of Cables

Image source: misavanderrohe

#13 He Dragged The Box All The Way Over To Me To Show Me It Worked!!

Image source: black_hearted_dweeb

#14 Works Every Time

Image source: pinkeskimo

#15 Muahaha! I Outsmarted Her!

Image source: skimmiesthegingercat

#16 Perfection Boxes

Image source: guardedallegory588

#17 Damn Almonds


#18 Does This Count As A Trap?

Image source: UnderscoreGreg

#19 Threw My Belt On The Floor. Trap Working As Intended

Image source: OyabunRyo

#20 My Rug Has A Built In Cat Trap That He Naps On Every Single Day

Image source: somethingstitches

#21 Trying To Get Out Of Helping With The Groceries!

Image source: Prince-of-Bengals

#22 He Realized The Box He Entered Is No Longer Stationary

Image source: kyndragarten

#23 The Cat Trap Worked Better Than Expected

Image source: d2xdy2

#24 Not My Cat But A Very Successfully Executed Trap

Image source: Seagullstuff

“Bean likes to be carried around in empty soda cases”

#25 Egg Trap

Image source: Mattisso

#26 Unintentional Tiny Trap

Image source: TREX69er

#27 This Trap Is Small And Broken But Still Working

Image source: wellenina

#28 My Niece Is Fostering Kittens, And Her Daughter Left A Toy On The Floor

Image source: LinguisticTerrorist

#29 Tiny Trap For Tiny Feet

Image source: ZLkitcats

#30 The Unexpected Guest Fit So Perfectly In This Cattrap Including The Tail

Image source: trclady

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