25 Of The Funniest Recruitment Memes Shared On This Insta Page

Published 7 months ago

Recruitment workers step in as the middle-man to help a customer fill a vacant role in their workforce by matching them to a likely candidate. As such they must understand their clients’ needs, assess the hireable skills of the available workforce and smoothly connect the two parties with the least friction to either party. 

But some recruiters do the job so smoothly that unfortunately their role is taken for granted by both the hiring company and the recruited candidate. This leaves the recruiter the only one aware of what an effort they have had to put in to make the whole affair run so smoothly. Thankfully, there are specific memes to create more awareness on the topic and the “funnyrecruiter” Instagram account is at the top of its game in pushing for that acknowledgement using wit and humour, as you can see in the meme gallery below. 

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Image source: funnyrecruiter

Michael P (Perthaussieguy): I have worked 20+ years in retail. I had, and those who also work/have worked in retail, a special retail smile


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Helena: Pretty but useless. Structural and serves a purpose.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Amazonia: The most accurate thing I’ve seen in a long time as a Sr. Recruiter.


Image source: funnyrecruiter


Image source: funnyrecruiter

KitKat: RIP Matthew Perry 😢


Image source: funnyrecruiter, x.com


Image source: funnyrecruiter

WindySwede: Just a normal day then?


Image source: funnyrecruiter


Image source: funnyrecruiter

ToastedFroggy: Not gonna lie, that doggo is adorable


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: This is an adorable picture! That little girl just can’t believe he’s cheating on her! That poor, little shocked face!


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Tams21: That’s a luxury for many people that have worked in a call centre.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Edda Kamphues: I’m a teacher. If I EVER said what I really think, I would be out of a job the same day I started.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Dak Janiels: Meeting that unemployment application quota requirement – sad.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

DB: Pants need to be lower and has to be wearing a baseball hat backwards.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Channo Sagara:  If you stop expecting people with 1000 years experience who’d abandon their families and work for free, we’d probably stop lying as well.


Image source: funnyrecruiter


Image source: funnyrecruiter


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Michael P (Perthaussieguy): No, you often just run on automatic mode.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

WhyBother?: Looks good to me


Image source: funnyrecruiter

rizky meireza: That’s a golden buzzer right there for the company that offer a crappy job. that lose 8-10 employees per week.


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Helena: What they want vs what they’re willing to pay


Image source: funnyrecruiter

WhyBother?: Me not on a zooom call, people=…., me on a zoom call, people=, imma vaccum now


Image source: funnyrecruiter

Shannon Hawks: accurate AF


Image source: funnyrecruiter

OhnoI’vebeencensored: Ghosting is the first thing they learn


Image source: funnyrecruiter

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