20 Funny Old People Failing At Social Media, As Shared By This Facebook Page

Published 12 months ago

In the vast world of social media, a Facebook page has emerged that celebrates the endearing and humorous experiences of old people online. The “Old People Facebook” page shares screenshots that highlight the joy and hilarity found in the online adventures of the older generation.

With their distinctive wit, charm, and occasional tech mishaps, these seasoned individuals have provided us with countless laugh-out-loud moments. Check out some of their hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Grandma And Grandpa Doing What They Do

Image source: take_number_two

#2 Catch Nancy At Your Local With The $15 Surf N Turf Tuesday Deal

Image source: oldpeoplefacebook

#3 Amendment 4

Image source: reddit.com

#4 My Great-Aunt Had A Question For Me Today On An Old Picture Of My Daughter…

Image source: juliaakatrinaa0507

#5 I Hate Yellow

Image source: Rorshach85

#6 I Think This Old Man Thought He Was Using Google

Image source: oldpeoplefacebook

#7 My Relative Is Very Flattered By Her Own Post From Four Years Ago

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Found In A Work Related Group I’m In On Facebook

Image source: oldpeoplefacebook

#9 Power Bottom

Image source: SNESdrunk

#10 2021 Is Going To Be

Image source: oldpeoplefacebook

#11 Speecial Anouncement!

Image source: Villan_99

#12 Carol Has Spotted A Thief

Image source: kitten-stroker

#13 How Do You Turn Down The Volume?!

Image source: diverareyouok

#14 Grandma Sue Has Advice For Kim

Image source: ToxicAntiFem

#15 Wholesome Margaret

Image source: aliencrocs

#16 Not A Care In The World

Image source: macklintietze

#17 Reviews From A Local Chuck E Cheese

Image source: reddit.com

#18 My Granny Died A Year And A Half Ago. I’m So Happy She Had A Facebook So I Can Look Back Fondly At Her Photo Albums. Here’s My Favorite

Image source: Nunez4Pres

#19 Happy Birthday To Yo.. Wait, Oh.

Image source: WellWellWell

#20 Lady Accidentally Tries To Sell Her Family

Image source: heinst

#21 My Grandma Is My Favorite Person On The Planet

Image source: Art_Areola4

#22 Meatloaf

Image source: reddit.com

#23 I Got An Ad For A Box Of Chocolates And Decided To Open The Comments

Image source: oldpeoplefacebook

#24 A Very Straightforward And Helpful Review

Image source: SligPants

#25 This Is Exactly What You Want To See From Your Parents. They’re Only 62 And 58…

Image source: pcyr9999

#26 Dtf – “Down Town Familiar”

Image source: MrsMozely

#27 An Extreme Reaction

Image source: chatshit_get_banged

#28 Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Image source: Wakeybonez2

#29 On An Ad For Doordash.

Image source: rogueShadow13

#30 My Grandma’s Savage Comment ?

Image source: Throwawayroast111

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