30 The Sims Memes Players Can Absolutely Relate To

Published 2 years ago

The Sims is a well-known game due to its relatable concepts. This game is, simply put, a life simulator. The characters, of course, do relatable real-life stuff like eating, sleeping, having kids, kids spontaneously combusting, and most of all, not coming to work because a plate is blocking the door. Yeah, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Today, we’ll look at 30 memes about this very hit game that greatly captures the game’s logic. So sit back and enjoy as we sane individuals mock the thinking of our beloved, hilarious Sims!

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#1 When You Had Spicy Food For Dinner

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#2 The Sims Memes

#3 Move Objects On

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#4 Let Me Go

#5 The Sims Memes

Image source: Nexus_Movies

#6 Anyone Else Having This Struggle?

Image source: sierra2210

#7 The Sims Memes

#8 The Sims Memes

#9 Sims, A Nice Pass The Time, Relaxing Game

Image source: reddit.com

#10 The Sims Memes

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#11 *spends An Hour Making Female* *randomizes Male*

Image source: itstheamandashow

#12 Hands

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#13 Cake

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#14 They Just Won’t Move

Image source: KuniBear

#15 This Is Not Just A Meme, This Is Art

Image source: leo-max

#16 Sims Memes

Image source: thes1msmemes

#17 Plasma Things

Image source: doyoungii

#18 The Sims Memes

Image source: Wael_artwarlock

#19 The Sims Memes

#20 Saw This On Fb


Image source: missnica37

#21 The Sims Memes

Image source: thes1msmemes

#22 Strive To Be A Fine Bowl Of Fruit In A Sea Of Bowls Of Fruit

Image source: leahbohbeah

#23 At 3am

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#24 It Always Be Like That

Image source: pm_ur_doubts

#25 Welp

Image source: CaliTenday

#26 Bb.moveobjects On

Image source: Vharlkie

#27 The Sims Memes

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#28 2meirl4meirl

Image source: psychoschiz

#29 When The Cc You Downloaded Doesn’t Work In Game

Image source: TheSims_Memes

#30 Oh, Ea

Image source: FutureHowell

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