20 Screenshots Of Funny, Weird, And Creepy Texts From Food Delivery Workers, As Shared By People Online

Published 2 years ago

What do you do when you are hungry and all the food available in the house needs to be cooked? Order cooked food, obviously! Food delivery guys have become people’s saviors these days. However, sometimes, they can be weird or creepy or funny – you never know what to expect from them apart from your food.

Suspicious DMs is a Twitter account that shares screenshots of the most random texts from food delivery workers. From hilarious to creepy, scroll below to see some of the most unexpected messages people received from the food delivery guys.

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Image source: ace


Image source: sabrina


Image source: Chris


Image source: Seb


Image source: Bright


Image source: chrisdelia


Image source: mike_shakes


Image source: KyrgyzstanMan87



Image source: fiveri


Image source: Kyle @kylewtx


Image source: Izaiah


Image source: skye ducharme


Image source: Suspicious DMs


Image source: slimewedge


Image source: Jess


Image source: palmer



Image source: WhatDanielDo


Image source: Dominic DeAngelis

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