10+ Hilariously Uncomfortable Comics About Shaving That Only Women Can Truly Relate To

Published 7 years ago

I’m sure that shaving competes with periods for the first place on every women’s blacklist. It’s just one of many chores that you regularly avoid. The hair, however, keeps on growing despite your hatred towards it and at some point its removal becomes inescapable.

Only then you realize that razors were designed by devils who want nothing but to scar people and nobody gets the chance to appreciate your efforts because your fur grows back in a heartbeat. To shed some light on this unbearable chore, the guys from Bored Panda have collected some of the funniest comics about the struggles that women face when shaving.

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Image source: kaffepanna


Image source: C. Cassandra


Image source: Sarah Andersen


Image source: Sarah Andersen


Image source: selfhelpful.tumblr.com


Image source: C. Cassandra


Image source: Deya Muniz


Image source: unknown.


Image source: Sarah Andersen


Image source: Sarah Andersen


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