40 Memes That Accurately Depict The Struggles Of The Modern Workforce

Published 7 months ago

Having a job is a necessity for most and not really a choice. Over the ages, employment has undergone many changes and continues to evolve significantly as mankind makes advances in technology, education, human rights awareness and so many other factors.

Indeed, being a part of the modern workforce certainly comes with a long list of demands and the “Employed AF” page shares accurate memes that describe those struggles in a humorous yet pointed manner as depicted below. 

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Bored somethingDoesn’t seem quite fair, does it.


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Alex DavisI know some companies that do sort of ‘school trips’ with their employees. One place I worked at we went on a water sports day out and learnt all about the reservoir we were at worked and then got to have fun doing various water sports or land based activities for those who didn’t want water. Should happen more often imo, was great none forced team bonding. We also did bowling, trips to national trust places and all sorts. They weren’t compulsory but everyone went. Staff moral was so high and I’m still friends with many 10+ years later!


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LexekonShe seems experienced in these events, I will follow her lead.


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Fakeus nameusSome days I feel like I should just climb out the window and leave


Image source: iamemployedaf, femaleredhead

Ditto“tech daddy” is officially added to my mental dictionary


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Gustav Gallifrey: In Australia, Xmas and New Year are summer events, so we have that going for us, which is nice. (Going the the beach on Xmas Day is almost a tradition for lots of us.)


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Mart SeLindsay must be living in USA. We have most of these in Europe


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Image source: iamemployedaf, causticbob

ajAw, yes, when I moved to a town where schools were closed and it was expected to call in to go skiing on a bluebird day… I was like, why doesn’t this exist EVERYWHERE??? This feels like a daydream ❄️


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CwtchyMamaIs it normal that I assume as a pet as adverse to say for lunch


Image source: iamemployedaf, katmcgoldrick

ToastedFroggy🎶Workin’ 9 to 5🎶


Image source: iamemployedaf

Gustav GallifreyAnd the people in charge seem to be the ones who are worst at ‘winging it’.


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Image source: iamemployedaf

Ample AardvarkNo calls, I want this conversation fully documented in writing!


Image source: iamemployedaf

Chihuahua Mama: A crisp $20 bill also does the trick


Image source: iamemployedaf, kycarrerolopez

STress (I/me)That’s why they call it “a job”. Otherwise, it’d be named “a hobby”…


Image source: iamemployedaf, LauraAnnSTL

Ditto: But thats just my resting face…?


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detective miller’s hatIf I don’t say some version of this at least once a day, am I even doing my job?


Image source: iamemployedaf, thDRAGnrebOrN

Ditto: Genius, I’m stealing that


Image source: iamemployedaf

LibstakThere are a few things to unpack here…


Image source: iamemployedaf

Gustav GallifreyHas to be 15 years. No way they could have the necessary experience after only 10 years. As for 5 years experience, ha!, worthless rookies.


Image source: iamemployedaf, andlikelaura

Megalodon Meg: My boss just called me into his office to ask if I had any more peppermint patties


Image source: iamemployedaf

JasonI’m bad about this in general. If I look like I’m interested it’s cause I’m bored as f**k and have set my body on autopilot so I can dream about anything else. If I look like I don’t care it’s because I’m actually paying attention listening and I’m using that autopilot brainpower to actually compute, remember, and listen to what you are saying. Same with taking notes.


Image source: iamemployedaf, jglackk

DittoYeah, money makes life easier to live in, easier life makes you more comfortable, more comfortable makes you happy so sure in long chain of things, money does sorta equal happiness


Image source: iamemployedaf, Lhlodder

VioletHunterSmart grandma. Everyone should have separate accounts though. They don’t even have to be secret.


Image source: iamemployedaf, KawaiiZealot

Chihuahua MamaIt’s quite traumatizing actually. Especially on those cold winter mornings


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Image source: iamemployedaf, Kayleyyy_G

Mart SePretty sure ms excel causes lots of suīcīdes every year


Image source: iamemployedaf, xjessevansxx

MikiI prefer work over school BIG TIME


Image source: iamemployedaf, bbybeanburrito


Image source: iamemployedaf, ronnui_

DittoAnd that meeting has nowhere near as many layers as the Shrek stories!


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Image source: iamemployedaf

Vasana PhongWhen ever a boss goes” can I speak to you in my office “, of course your heart rate is going to go up, so saying that beforehand is just wonderful


Image source: iamemployedaf, jnardino

Fakeus nameusWeek??? Next year


Image source: iamstarvingaf, talktoskirt

TheElementalGod️️ : Honesty is important folks.


Image source: iamemployedaf, danielleweisber

DittoThen there are people who are seeing these beautiful places AS their career!!!


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Passerby (edited): I teach online, and I sometimes use those 3 minutes to ponder whether I should quickly use the toilet, or hold it in for a while so I have a legitimate excuse to have a small break during the class. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, but it can be so tedious at times, especially when it is at the end of the day and I have been teaching for 5+ hours already. (For reference, I once had around 180 hours of teaching in a month. It’s not my current workplace. Mind you, this is just teaching hour and nothing else.)


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HurlWurk (edited): I just reply to emails “my fault, it’s fixed”, and move on. People don’t know how to attack someone that accepts blame easily, but they can waste hours complaining about people who dodge responsibility for missing an apostrophe.


Image source: iamthirtyaf

Nichole HarrisMy hubby and I do that together….. We alternate reassuring each other that we’re not horrible lazy people 🤣

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