People Share 20 Potential Professions That May Disappear Soon

Published 1 year ago

Will AI replace people? What Jobs will get affected? A redditor recently posed this scary question, that now burdens our minds while the scientists work hard somewhere far away on their latest version of Artificial Intelligence, uncaring about how much potential change this could generate for the human race.

But most folk are sitting around and wondering, how will this huge change affect our jobs? Will we be replaced by machines that can do our job faster and most likely at a fraction of the cost? This leads us all to ponder our current occupation and wonder just how long it will last and which professions will soon be obsolete for humans and totally AI run? A reddit user posed the question to which people posted their answers and really, it seems the Era Of AI is here far too soon, specially if you belong to one of the following professions.

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Image source: Guinnessnomnom, m01229

Drive thru workers. MC D’s autonomous setup will be industry wide.


Image source: r0b_b0TT, Karolina Grabowska

Translator. This profession already consists of computer translation editing, and with all the advanced technologies it will be more and more common. Pretty sure, in a few years you won’t need one to translate documents.


Image source: sharksedition, Anna Nekrashevich

Accounting. The job will still exist but there will be much less demand for accountants as entry level positions are automated and mid-tier positions are held by people already in the industry.


Image source: Daveslittleslut, cottonbro studio

Branch bankers/tellers. You can deposit and withdraw at an atm now, apply for loans, credit cards, and mortgages online. With apps and online banking you can take care of your stuff in your own house instead of going in.


Image source: Head_Celery3764, RL GNZLZ

Car salesmen. Yes, because of the apps like Carvanna, but also because car companies are actually searching and experimenting with ways to improve the process because people don’t want to work with sales people anymore. I worked for BMW for some time and I saw the things they are trying first hand.


Image source: t0f0b0, Mathias Reding

Truck driver. I’m not an Elon Musk Stan. Some company is going to make self-driving trucks and put that industry out of business. It is inevitable.


Image source: skankhunt_forty2, Lukas

Software developers & testers since machine learning trained bots can already write decent amount of code now. Imagine in 5 to 10 years…

#8 Cashiers

Image source: YoungHermit92, Midnight Believer

#9 My job. I’m a machine operator. Automation will take over.

Image source: External_Recipe_3562, Mikhail Nilov

#10 Blacksmith

Image source: Radiant_March_6685, Kateryna Babaieva

#11 Travel agent, idk why those are still a thing

Image source: hsjfkidkej, aceebee

#12 Typewriter repairman.

Image source: dixonrodeo, Jane Hammons

#13  Telemarketing.. I hope

Image source: leaveblanket, Antoni Shkraba

#14 Twitter employee

Image source: 0pimo, Kevin Krejci


Image source: AMultiversalEntity, Freddy Kearney

Weather reporters, since eventually so many people will just be looking at it on their phones, that the demand for weather stations will be so low that it’s just not worth it anymore.

#16 Local radio DJ

Image source: looking4funny, Anna Pou

#17 Mark my words. Animators.

Image source: Apprehensivespider, George Milton

AI will start doing animation work for big companies sucking the people’s souls and hard work out of the art form. Just you wait! Why pay people to animate when you can teach AI to draw/create each frame by frame for you at lower cost value.

Yeah it won’t be in the NEAR future, but in the future most definitely.

#18 Factory workers.

Image source: TootlesTheRat, Jeremiah Roth

Robots are gonna replace them soon. People are probably gonna still be doing maintenance on the robots but not working in the factories


Image source: Flaky_Tumbleweed3598, saaby

It may sadden me to think this, but likely mechanical watch makers.

I love my automatics and my mechanical chronograph, but I don’t think the smart watch generation will appreciate the mechanical movements as much as previous Gens



Image source: MoiJaimeLesCrepes, kishjar?

probably stock photographer, now with AI-generated pictures promising to replace most of that.


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