30+ Times People Quit Their Jobs With Style

Published 6 years ago

Handing in the two weeks notice can be a good chance for the employee to thank the boss for the pleasure of having a chance to work together or curse him for all the wrong-doings. It can also be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get extra creative and leave the place they have been nine-to-fiving in style. The people listed below couldn’t miss that shot.

From really elaborate messages, that took quite some time and effort when planning and executing them, to receipt-sized paper scraps with a few words scribbled on them – these resignation notices are the true examples of employee creativity that bosses will not forget anytime soon. Scroll down to see them all.


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#1 So, My Brother-In-Law Has Resigned From His 9-To-5 Job In Spectacular Fashion. Jerry Maguire Meets Masterchef

Image source: flackhackjack

#2 People At A Store At My Mall Got Fed Up With The Way Their Manager Treated Them

Image source: reddit.com

#3 One Of My Co-Workers Quit Today. We Found This On His Desktop

Image source: assumetehposition

#4 This Is My Friend’s Resignation “Letter”

Image source: imgur.com

#5 My Two Week Notice

Image source: gahdzuks

#6 My Buddy Quit His Job At The Gas Station

Image source: peaceman582

#7 Saw This At Bed Bath And Beyond

Image source: mastranios

#8 A Co-Worker Posted Pictures Of Himself In Random Places When He Quit. This Is The Back Of A Clock, And He Quit 2 Years Ago

Image source: CaptainCatchem

#9 When A Big Box Retail Worker Just Can’t Take It Anymore

Image source: SpikeBoyBebop

#10 This Is How You Quit

Image source: Slappyjay


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