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10 Geeky Couples Made Their Wedding Days Special

Published 7 years ago

There’s nothing quite like marrying a lord of the galactic empire. Well, or at least pretend to… Like some of these geeky couples, who went an extra mile to make their wedding day feel special not only for themselves but for everybody involved.

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, from Lord of the Rings to even Super Mario, these couples went full-geek on their way to the altar. A very nice alternative to the classic wedding scenario, because hey, if you’re a mega geek, you shouldn’t hide it on one of the most important days of your life!

This gives you ideas? What sort of themed wedding would you have?

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Magical Harry Potter Themed Wedding


See the story behind it here.

#2 Lord Of The Rings Themed Wedding


Image source: Elina Kansikas

#3 Doctor Who Themed Wedding


Image source: Kat Forsyth

#4 Star Wars Themed Wedding


Image source: Bryan Giardinell

#5 Little Mermaid Themed Wedding


Image source: Mark Brooke Photography, Mathieu Photo

#6 Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding


Image source: Sarah Kathleen

#7 Star Wars Themed Wedding


Image source: Cacá Santoro

#8 Super Mario Themed Wedding


Image source: Lehua Noëlle

#9 Disguised Superheroes Themed Wedding

Image source: Linnealiz

#10 Minecraft Wedding

Image source:


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