30 Examples Of Regular Things That Belonged To Gen X

Published 10 months ago

Generation X, born roughly between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, witnessed a world of transition, innovation, and cultural shifts. Their experiences shaped the way they interacted with everyday items, many of which hold a special place in their hearts and memories.

The r/GenX subreddit shows us that old stuff that can bring nostalgia to some folks. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore 30 regular things that were quintessential to the Gen X experience.

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#1 My Daughter Found My Old Walkman, So I Left Her A Note

Image source: Bubbasteed

#2 Peak Genx – Riding Your Bike Down The Middle Of The Street, Standing On The Banana Seat, No Helmet

Image source: Lonestar-Boogie

#3 I Feel Like As A Gen-Xer, This Resonates With Me

Image source: Bubbasteed

#4 I Feel Like Gen X Is The Only Generation To Just Embrace This Reality

Image source: ActuallyCausal

#5 Little Bit Of Truth To This. My Mind Is Still 30, But My Body Says Nice Try

Image source: Fleegle1834

#6 Yes We Did. F**king Gop Idiots

Image source: ReturnFun9600

#7 The Best Part Of Getting A New Cassette

Image source: silence-scripted

#8 Just Had To Leave This Here. Had No Choice In Fact

Image source: takethelovepill

#9 My God… We Suffered… Suffered So Much

Image source: JoshOfArc

#10 X’ers Were Scrappy Little Hooligans

Image source: glxym31

#11 “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!”

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#12 Stuck In The Middle With You

Image source: reddit.com

#13 The Blockbuster Strikes Back

Image source: Fickle-Rutabaga-1695

#14 You Can Add Driving During The Day In Any Season, Really

Image source: momosandmumus

#15 We Ate King Dongs And Listened To Gregorian Chants. What A Time To Be Alive

Image source: 37thFloorAstronaut

#16 I Can’t Disagree

Image source: DestinyRamen, lolennui

#17 What Would Some Of Our Disproven Facts Be?

Image source: monsterpupper, ericnakagawa

#18 Oh, Ain’t This The Truth

Image source: Gonzo_B, jenaglez

#19 It’s Not Even Funny. It’s A Big Source Of My Stress

Image source: sub_machine_fun

#20 Has Happened More Than Once!!!!! Especially About 9/11

Image source: FeleciaO, sameoldstory

#21 Only Genx Has This Specialized Skill

Image source: OttieandEddie

#22 So… Umm… There’s That

Image source: JoshOfArc

#23 This Place Was A Friday Night Out

Image source: Alexandria_Scott

#24 What Was Your “Must See” Movie You Shared With Younger Generations?

Image source: ForceDisturbed

#25 Seems Just About Right For Us

Image source: reddit.com

#26 This Is Only Going To Get Worse

Image source: shakeyjake

#27 Not A Gen Xer, But The Ones I Know Are Exactly Like This

Image source: darienhaha

#28 Who All Laid On One Of These Bad Boys As A Kid?

Image source: OttieandEddie

#29 Yes We Turned Out Just Fine

Image source: ReturnFun9600

#30 This Post Is To All The Genx’s With Uncommon Names And The Bitter Sting Of The Gift Shop Keychains

Image source: OttieandEddie

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