People Are Gender-Swapping Celebrities And The Results Are Not As Bad As You’d Expect (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

If you’re unfamiliar with what Faceapp is, it’s a phone app that lets you add all sorts of cool effects like age and style filters to your photos. And with people coming up with all sorts of creative ways of using it, the app is a gift that just keeps on giving. One day people are using it to put smiles on some famous portraits and aging themselves the next, and now someone came up with an idea to gender-swap some of our favorite celebrities. And, believe it or not, the results actually look pretty spot on! Well, at least we think so.

If you ever wondered how celebrities like Katy Perry, Eminem or Dwayne Johnson would look with their genders swapped – look no further. Check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 Johnny Depp

Image source: anonslayed

#2 Eminem

Image source: anonslayed

#3 Pink

#4 Gerard Way

Image source: anonslayed

#5 Céline Dion

#6 Keanu Reeves

Image source: anonslayed

#7 Gwyneth Paltrow

#8 Dwayne Johnson

Image source: anonslayed

#9 Tom Hiddleston

#10 Katy Perry

#11 Gordon Ramsay

#12 Rihanna

#13 Robert Downey Jr.

#14 Barack Obama

Image source: anonslayed

#15 Scarlett Johansson

#16 Chris Hemsworth

#17 Billie Joe Armstrong

Image source: anonslayed

#18 Conor Mcgregor

#19 Donald Trump

Image source: anonslayed

#20 Adam Sandler

Image source: anonslayed

#21 Kim Jong-Un

Image source: anonslayed

#22 Nicki Minaj

#23 Jennifer Lopez

#24 Kanye West

#25 John Malkovich

Image source: anonslayed

#26 Nicolas Cage

Image source: anonslayed

#27 Ellen Degeneres

#28 Betty White

Image source: anonslayed

#29 Billie Eilish

#30 Lady Gaga

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