This Giant “Aquarium” In Seoul Simulates Majestic Crashing Waves

Published 4 years ago

There’s nothing that can ruin a nice panorama faster than an ugly billboard. Realizing that, Korean digital media tech company D’strict decided to think outside the box and came up with a creative installation that doubles as an art piece. They used the massive LED screen in the COEX Square of Seoul’s Gangnam District to display majestic crashing waves and their installation quickly went viral.

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Korean digital media tech company D’strict recently unveiled a majestic crashing wave installation in Seoul

Image credits: D’strict

D’strict’s new installation is titled #1_WAVE with Anamorphic illusion, and is a part of the Public Media Series. This is not the first time the company blessed us with these impressive simulated waves – last year they created a similar installation title The Infinity Wall for the Nexen UniverCity Project.

They displayed the waves on the giant LED screen in Seoul’s COEX Square

Image credits: D’strict

If you’re unfamiliar with COEX, it’s a convention and exhibition center, as well as a gigantic mall located in the Gangnam District.

D’strict’s unique visualization makes the screens look like a giant aquarium

Image credits: D’strict

The waves are an anamorphic illusion, meaning they can only be correctly viewed from a certain point

Image credits: D’strict

The giant LED displays developed by Samsung measure at 80.1 meters in length and 20.1 meters in height and can support resolutions of up to 7,840×1,952 pixels.

It’s refreshing to see something that isn’t advertisements displayed on the massive screens!

Image credits: D’strict

Here’s a video showing how the ad looks in motion

Video credits: D’strict

The giant LED screens in COEX are usually used to display ads and K-pop so it’s refreshing to see something different for once. Let’s hope the company surprises us with more creative installations in the future!

Check out more stunning projects by D’strict below

1906_BX_Nexen_UniverCity_ALL from d’strict on Vimeo.

Video credits: D’strict

1908_GX_CAFEBOT from d’strict on Vimeo.

Video credits: D’strict

1908_DT_LotteWorld_MagicCircle from d’strict on Vimeo.

Video credits: D’strict

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