20 Incredible “Ugly Duckling” Transformations Found On This Wholesome Twitter Post

Published 1 year ago

A few years back, there was a popular trend called the “10-Year Challenge” where folks posted two pictures of themselves a decade apart. It showed the vast differences time can make and most people really went from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans. Ah, the wonderful glow-up! It’s truly fascinating to witness the difference a few years can make.

Following this trend, Twitter user ‘Wandering Hedonist’ shared his own decade-long transformation from 2011 to 2023. Captioned with a humorous invite to others as well to flaunt their own ‘ageing like fine wine’ moments, the post resonated with over 800K people. Within days folks quickly flocked to share their own ‘before and after’ pics from which we’ve found some of the most unique and inspiring transformations to share with you in the gallery below. 

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#1 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: hangover_anthem

#2 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: stuck_in_duck

#3 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: nyprivet1

#4 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: wesmir1

#5 2004 vs. 2023

Image source: Ivane44ka

#6 The Thread Author, 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: eddyprincegabi

#7 2015 vs. 2023

Image source: svetanv

#8 2013 vs. 2023

Image source: neoncloudscom

#9 2001 vs. 2023

Image source: dilenser

#10 2013 vs. 2023

Image source: DimasPivass

#11 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: azatiquehaze

#12 2012 vs. 2023

Image source: dark_savoyardi

#13 2016 vs. 2023

Image source: squisabelle

#14 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: ivesaintbalagan

#15 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: RWersh

#16 2018 vs. 2023

Image source: capricornashole

#17 2009 vs. 2023

Image source: jimmietonic

#18 2013 vs. 2023

Image source: marrow_23

#19 2013 vs. 2023

Image source: timondarko

#20 2011 vs. 2023

Image source: DKadance

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