These 30 Pics Show How A Good Idea Can Go Horribly Wrong

Published 1 year ago

It’s easy to come up with an idea, but the real challenge is in executing said idea. There are so many elements that go into making a design come to life, that sometimes something can get lost in translation. 

The following pics are taken from submissions made to a subreddit that focuses on Good Taste But Awful Execution aka GTBAE. As the name itself indicates, the designs are hilariously bad and found in the wild by online community members and we’ve shared a few of the craziest ones seen in the wild below. Don’t forget to check our previous posts for more whacko designs. 

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#1 The Yellow “For” Gets Lost Among The Big Red Letters

Image source: be_there_on_q

#2 Happy Thanksgiving!

Image source: UnixUnderpants

#3 This Social Psychology Textbook That Was Supposed To Show The Reflection Of You

Image source: YoujustgotLokid

#4 This Book

Image source: moose_cahoots

#5 The Penis Mightier Than The Sword

Image source: datsundude240

#6 The Fact That He Tattooed This On The Wrong Arm And Now Mario Has Two Right Hands

Image source: Usrname132

#7 I Would Rather Have Cookies Than A Large Cake Honestly

Image source: uncertain6786

#8 Extremely Good Taste But Definitely Awful Execution!

Image source: MR-N-XX

#9 People Concerned About Africans Not Having Clean Water

Image source: karateflame2

#10 I Mean

Image source:

#11 Wwii Mickey Mouse Gas Mask, Attempting To Make The Mask Less Scary To Children

Image source: nitid_name

#12 My Wife’s Message In The Shower

Image source: respectively288

#13 This Bin

Image source: yeahnahl0l5

#14 Accident Waiting To Happen… Was Told It Fits Better Here Than In R/Atbge

Image source: tdomer80

#15 Tron Stairs

Image source: honeypup

#16 They Tried

Image source: magicat345

#17 Behold The ‘Potato Head Of Palencia’ – Another Botched Art Restoration In Spain

Image source: Northwest-Passage

#18 I Took Me Way Too Long To See The Dog

Image source: jweeby

#19 It’s Self-Explanatory

Image source: EpicAditya

#20 Maybe Don’t Try To Recreate All Family Photos

Image source: twolvesfan9

#21 Happy End?

Image source: 40harentenough

#22 Someone’s About To Get Fired

Image source: juliuspepperwoodchi

#23 This

Image source: PratyThePotato

#24 Good Intentioned But The Placing Could’ve Been Better

Image source: Zoh41b

#25 This Jfk Memorial

Image source: kalitarios

#26 Try Not To Put These Sections Together

Image source: ComicPandaa

#27 My Home State Trying To Stop Meth Use With A New Slogan

Image source: CaptnHarrison

#28 D.a.r.e. And Their Pencils

Image source: JamesBCrazy

#29 This Is All Good Until The Airbag Malfunctions From Moisture Damage And Your Passenger Takes A Cactus Through The Face At 300 Mph

Image source: ChaseSpike11

#30 Disguising This Cell Tower As A Tree

Image source: Cameron_Sas

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